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Easy breezy bottle making with Baby Brezza Formula Pro

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When Abbey started refusing breast milk (I exclusively pumped due to preemie latch issues), I had no choice but to go from supplementing with formula to full-time formula feeding. Since my oldest, Audrey, was exclusively formula fed, I was instantly flooded with memories of microwaved water, spilled formula and excessive crying (hers and mine). So when I heard there was now a machine that could make bottles at the push of a button I was already in love before I had even opened the box.


How the Baby Brezza Formula Pro works

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro instantly makes bottles as small as 2-ounces up to 10-ounces in less time than it would take for you to make them by hand and works with any brand or size of bottle. The easy to refill water reservoir holds 50-ounces of water and heats to near body temperature, which is perfect for most babies. My picky baby, however, prefers her bottles to be slightly cooler so I only turn my machine on when I need it and I don’t let the water fully heat up. There is no way to adjust the maximum temperature of the water so this was an easy fix.

The formula storage container holds 700-grams of formula or one whole large container. But learn from my fail and save the scooper  that comes with your formula before you throw out the container. You never know when you have to make a bottle for travel and then you’re left, like me, trying to eyeball your scoops. (Total amateur move.)


Tips for using the Baby Brezza

I’ve actually gone online and read just about every customer review I possibly could just to get a feel of what kind of issues, if any, people had with this machine. And trust me, I also put it thorough its paces from running it until it was completely empty with both the formula and the water to leaving it on all day and night — really anything to replicate any possible problem. From what I can tell it comes down to two things: read the directions and clean it regularly. Seriously, read the directions. The set up of this machine is very detailed and specific to each brand and formula type. Setting the machine to the wrong formula brand and formulation can lead to wrong mixing ratios and nobody wants that… especially your baby.

As far as keeping it clean, I have just made it a habit of. Once a day, I take out the funnel and clean the underneath part where the formula comes out. This is the area where formula tends to collect and dry out. Because of this, I have yet to have an issue with clogging, clumping or misfires with dispensing in any way. Once a month I will wash out the reservoir and the formula storage, easy peasy.

Some baby gear items are luxuries, some are necessities, and then some luxuries turn into necessities…this is one of those items.

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A SoCal girl transplanted to the Arizona desert, Nicole Yontz is the go-to girl for all things gear. She shares her home with her handsome husband, their two daughters (Audrey & Abbey), two dogs, one fish, and countless dust bunnies. When she’s not busy testing out the latest and greatest in gear on her darling little guinea pigs, you will often find her getting a pedicure as she does every single week. Because there’s no law that says you can’t.

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  1. Hi! I am wanting to try this machine, but do not want the bottles to be fully heated to 98 degrees, but rather closer to room temp. Just makes on-the-go feedings down the road easier so the baby isn’t demanding exactly 98 degree bottles when it’s not necessary! So if you turn it on and use it right away while the temp gauge is still low, the water would be closer to room temp? Trying to decide between this one and the Born Free, which does dispense at room temp. Thanks in advance!

  2. Lindsey,
    I would go with the Born Free one. My wife and I purchased the Brezza and it broke after only 6 months. The main motor died and the company would not honor the one year warranty. It’s a great product but not worth it if it only lasts a few months.

  3. Where in SA can I order this? And what is the price please. Baby Brezza Formula maker

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