stylish and functional baby gate

A stylish new way for baby proofing stairs

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If you left my 9-month-old to her own devices, there are three things she would do all day: eat Cheerios off the floor, stick her fingers in outlets, and climb our staircase. Luckily she has me to tell her otherwise!

Stylish and functional baby gates

Baby-proofing basics

As a mom to a fearless little one, my day consists of avoiding a series of mini catastrophes, and having the right baby-proofing solutions in-place makes my job much easier!

Our family recently moved into a new home and we used it as a chance to rethink our baby-proofing strategies. We created new toy storage, hid cords, and latched cabinets. I knew I would need something to keep the baby off the stairs, but I didn’t like the idea of using the same cumbersome gates we had struggled with in our previous house.

Tips for Baby-Proofing Your Stairs

A stylish solution for baby proofing stairs

The Stair Barrier is such an innovative alternative to the traditional baby gate. It’s a stylish fabric safety gate that rolls neatly to one side when it’s not in use. My bannister to bannister option didn’t require any drilling, and instead securely snaps into place with three buckles on each side.

I love the sleek look of the Stair Barrier and the fact that it won’t permanently damage any of the fixtures in our home. It offers a wonderful first impression when guests walk in the door while still providing the safety and security we need with a little one on the move! 

One less catastrophe for this mama to think about!

Stylish Baby Gates to Use in Your Home

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What are your favorite baby proofing products?

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  1. I like the gate. Looks stylish and more importantly it is not make the stairs ugly.
    But I see on the picture, perhaps your child can climbs up a step since there is a little space on the first step of the stairs. Is fine so far?

  2. Not only you have the babyproofed the staircase, I see the stairs are perfectly covered.
    Was that the part of Babyproofing as well?I think it might be very useful if accidentally baby falls while climbing up.

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