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Love to Dream SwaddleUP

I remember it like it was yesterday, or maybe it was. I’m not sure since I have a newborn, which mean every day blends together like some sleep deprived version of Groundhog Day only with less groundhogs and more dirty diapers. The point is, I will never forget the knock on the door signaling that FedEx had delivered a present that would forever change my parenting life.

Okay, a bit dramatic, I agree, but I have found something that is that good. You see, in my house sleeping is for suckers, so is eating without screaming, or just not screaming in general. Some call it colic, the doctor calls it reflux with severe gas. As for my husband and I, we just figure one of us earned some horrific karma in a past life, which is the only other logical explanation.

As you can imagine I have been on the lookout for anything that will work to help our newborn sleep: anti-gas/colic bottles, gripe water, baby Zantac, massages, bicycle kicks, etc. However, everyone keeps recommending swaddling. I was always against it because Abbey (our four-week-early preemie that we lovingly refer to as the “sleep terrorist”) hated being swaddled from the get-go. Something about having her hands bound seemed to freak her out.

Love to Dream Sleep Sacks

This is where the Love To Dream Swaddle UP comes in. This amazing new take on the swaddle allows Baby to be swaddled with her hands up while still giving her that cozy, tight feeling. Did you know that babies self-sooth by rubbing their faces and sucking on their hands? The Swaddle UP allows this range of motion so that Baby can fully self-sooth, and more self-soothing means more sleeping for everyone involved. Within minutes of putting Abbey in her cute little pink Swaddle UP outfit she was doing just that. It was actually pretty impressive.

Details and features

The Swaddle Up comes in three colors — pink, blue and gray — and comes in sizes from extra small to large, fitting babies from as little as 4-1/2 pounds up to babies as large as 24-pounds. The material is a super soft and stretchy 93-percent cotton and 7-percent elastane material that I have washed and washed, over and over before taking these photos to show how well it holds it’s shape and color. And as you can see in the photos, it still looks amazing… and stains come out easily, too.

Love to Dream Swaddle UP for Newborns

My favorite part is the super smart twin zipper, meaning it zips up and down making it perfect for easy diaper changes and getting Baby in and out without fuss. On the back of the swaddle is a “travel slot.” Now, this took me a minute to figure out. When I first encountered it, I thought it was a little pocket to check diaper status. Actually, it’s there so you can safely buckle Baby in a stroller while still staying fully swaddled. But, just so you know, it’s also works as a brilliant diaper checker window, so we’re both right.

Love to Dream Swaddle UP- Zipper goes up AND down for easy diaper changes!

More from Love To Dream

The Love to Dream Stage 1 Original Swaddle UP also comes in an organic version, as well as a lighter summer version which is 30-percent lighter material for hotter days and climates, and also great for babies suffering with eczema. (I’ll be ordering this one next as I live in Phoenix and summer is already showing its ugly self.)

For older babies they have the Swaddle UP 50/50, an extremely smart way to help transition your baby from being swaddled to having their arms be free and independent, which is necessary when Baby starts to be able to roll over on her own. They do this with their patented easy zip-off wings, thus allowing Baby to get used to having one arm out.

Love to Dream Swaddle UP 50/50

Don’t forget the toddlers! For those little cuties, Love To Dream makes two different types of sleeping bags to make any sleep situation comfy and temperature perfect — the Inventa Sleeping Bag to help moderate their temperature while they sleep and the Nuzzlin Sleeping Bag in an extra-light, comfortable fabric to help them sleep longer.

Love to Dream Inventa Sleep Bag for Toddlers

Just so you know, I’m not easily impressed when it comes to baby products. I am lucky enough to try a lot of fun new products and while I like some of them, there are many that I don’t. So, when something is new and innovative and, more importantly, it works, I get all screamy and excited. This is just one of those things. We all have our go-to baby shower gift and now this is mine. 

Love to Dream Swaddle UP

Shhhhh…Baby FINALLY sleeping….

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Win a Love to Dream Gift Set

One winner will win a Love to Dream gift set including a Swaddle UP, a Swaddle Up 50/50 and a Sleep Bag.

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  1. Giraffe Snugbud… super cute and my son would love it!

  2. I really want to try the swaddle up original for my 6 week old. She fusses when Swaddled with a blanket since she likes her arms by her face.

  3. Really want to try the original swaddle up for my 6 week old daughter. She fusses when swaddled because she likes her hands by her face.

  4. I’m most excited about the Stage 1 Original Swaddle UP also comes in organic version!

  5. The Swaddle UP sounds perfect! I’m due in August and would love to try this.

  6. I’m most excited about the 50/50. If baby boy #2 is like his brother he must have his hands free!

  7. I really like the stage 1 lighter for summer! My babies always sleep really hot but loved to be swaddled up so I have so doubt this one is going to be any different! 🙂

  8. I’m most excited about the original for my 3 week old!

  9. I’m excited for the stage 1! In due any day with surprise baby #3!

  10. We love our swaddle, the double zipper is the best.

  11. great giveaway! Excited to try these regardless if I win or lose!

  12. Love the 50/50 version. I have a ton of swaddle sacks, with and without arms. How great to only need one sack!!

  13. I’m most excited about the swaddle up 50/50 for older babies:)

  14. i love the swaddle up 50/50 in the grey and white stripes!

  15. I think I like the pink and grey stripes the most.

  16. I love the Swaddle Up 50/50 in the gray and white stripes!

  17. I’m most excited for the Swaddle Up! Transitioning out of swaddling is tough!

  18. Fingers crossed for this contest! It ends on my birthday. That’s gotta be worth some good karma 😉

  19. I love the aqua sleeping back from the nuzzling collection totally perfect for my hot baby that is always sweating

  20. I love the aqua sleeping back from the nuzzling collection totally perfect for my hot baby

  21. I like the Inventa Swaddle to help babies moderate their temperature.

  22. I am due with my little one next month, so I would love to start out with the Swaddle Up Original for swaddling at night.

  23. Looks great!! We are a huge sleep sack fan and DD using a baby deedee sleep nest for last 2 years. We use a glow in dark model and super happy with the quality. I would like to buy this pink one instead of swaddle wrap to welcome DD2 in Sep-15.

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