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Stokke Steps high chair grows with your child {giveaway}

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stokke steps
When I first got pregnant, my number one goal with all of the baby products I was adding to our registry was that they must fit with our aesthetic in our home. I am not one for crazy baby prints, it’s just not my style. Stokke understands this and makes products that fit in a modern home. When I first saw their new bouncer + high chair system, I was amazed. I mean, what a cool concept, right? A high chair that grows with your child! I was eager to try it out and see what it was all about, and I was not disappointed.
Stokke Steps Natural with Baby Set-22

No need to sacrifice your style for a high chair

Stokke Steps is the chicest high chair on the market today. There, I said it. I love the clean, crisp look of it almost more than the functionality (which we’ll get to). The natural wood frame and the white accessories is something that fits in any home, regardless of the color scheme. It’s simple and clean and is so stylish that you will be proud to have it on display at the dinner table.
Stokke Steps Natural with Bouncer Beige-39

Stokke Steps follows baby from infant to kid

Probably my favorite feature of Stokke Steps is the fact that you can have your infant sitting at the table with you, so as to not miss out on quality family dinner time even from the very beginning! There is a bouncer that is not only great by itself, but can be attached to the high chair, too. This way, your baby can be sitting up with the rest of the family during mealtimes! How genius is that?

The bouncer also works on it’s own as you can just place it on the floor and strap your baby in and baby will be content, bouncing away. Once your little one can sit in a high chair, there is an accessory set that attaches to the chair, with a tray. And when he grows out of that, it becomes just a regular chair that actually holds up to 200 pounds! I tried it out- it really does hold me and is very sturdy.


stokke steps with bouncer

Parents will love the Stokke Steps

The Stokke Steps tray is super easy to clean, which is an important aspect for those messy babes! Another thing for parents to love is the 5 point safety harness that straps baby into the bouncer so there is no need to worry about his safety. It is durable and built to last, and something that you will get a lot of use out of, since it grows with your child! This is an investment worth making!

Stokke Steps Walnut with Baby Set-10

Stokke has done it again

This innovative high chair is a must-have for every parent’s registry! I love the look and durability of it, and will be recommending this high chair to my friends- it’s just that good. As far as high chairs go, the Stokke Steps far exceeds any and all of my expectations and is built to last for years to come. The bouncer has been perfect for having our baby sit with us at the dinner table, and freeing our hands so we can all enjoy our meal together, as a family. It is also great for having baby close enough to not fuss while you’re making dinner! We just strap him into his chair and place him in the kitchen with us! It’s pure genius.

Stokke Steps GIVEAWAY!

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Disclosure:   I was provided with a Stokke Steps high chair to try with my baby boy. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I’m pregnant with my first, due in August. I absolutely love this chair, the style, the design, everything! I would love to win this for our baby girl!

  2. Baby loves to eat at the table and this would be great.

  3. I’m pregnant with my first baby, due in November, and I would love to have this chair because it’s very modern, safe and sturdy (200 lbs. – wow!), doesn’t take up a lot of space, it’s unique, and it grows with the baby. We find out the sex of our baby next week, so all I know about my baby is that it is loved, loves to move around at night, and has many eager people waiting to meet him/her.

  4. We are getting ready for baby #2. We have the Stokke Tripp Trapp for our daughter and absolutely love it (she is 2.5 and I think she will continue to use it for years to come, so definitely worth the investment!). I love that the Steps Chair has an elevated bouncer option. My husband has a really bad back and can’t bend down to pick up a baby out of a traditional bouncer that sits on the floor, so this would be perfect for us.

  5. I would love this because it is so unique and it grows with the baby!! Baby coming in November this would be a great addition!!

  6. I have a one year old son who is a picky eater. Maybe a new, beautiful high chair will help him be a better eater! 😉 If not, thinking about trying for #2 soon and the bouncer will definitely come in handy!

  7. I am having my first child and have struggled with what to do about a high chair. The stokke high chair just makes sense. I’m all for anything that makes having our first baby easier.

  8. I love this because Stokke products can do no wrong in my eyes. I really love them and the little one only deserves the best

  9. I don’t think any baby is more deserving than another of being awarded such an amazing chair. But I do hope that we win:) Good luck to all!

  10. I’m expecting my first baby soon and I want her to grow up to appreciate gorgeous Scandinavian design like Stokke!

  11. Baby number two is due in about six weeks. We live in a smaller space (with a very tight budget) and anything that can save space and have multi uses and grow with baby is awesome in my books. Plus, my baby deserves the best. Don’t they all?

  12. This would be great for our little girl that has started on cereal but can’t sit up on her own yet 🙂

  13. Love this giveaway and would love to have it for my 1 year old and any other babies we’re blessed with!

  14. My son is Jason. He is such a sweet baby! He is going to be a big brother come December! We are all so excited and happy! 😀 Thanks for the chance to win! My babies deserve the comfort of a Stokke High chair!

  15. Baby number 4 is 4 months old next week. He is awesome, the happiest little baby I have ever seen. Baby 2 was a little girl and I was thinking my last baby, and so of course I got her everything pink including a hot pink high chair. I’d really love a more masculine high chair for him but it’s not in the budget – also one of the kids cut the straps off the high chair we have and I can’t find a replacement lol I need to win this!

  16. I love that this chair grows with baby! My second son is coming this weekend and we would love to have this awesome chair!

  17. I am pregnant with baby #4, due 9/6/14 and don’t have a highchair for him/her yet. I love the design and features of this highchair, it’s so much better than the highchair I used with my last 3. We donated that one and could really use a new one for baby. Please pick me!

  18. My babe is 3 mo and he is getting SO bored laying on the ground/playmats and just wants in on the activity. It’s been especially hard for hubby and I to eat a meal together- it’d be so nice to have him at the table w us (not in our arms) while we eat so we can enjoy a hot meal (after all it’s sad when I take the time to cook a meal and can’t enjoy it warm!)

  19. We are due in September with our first and would like to try baby led weaning. This high chair system would allow him to be interested in what and how we eat to help him experience all types of foods at different stages in his life.

  20. I am due in August and would love to have this for my baby girl, it looks so cool

  21. With Baby2 on the way I’m definitely looking for an upgrade from our last high chair, which definitely did not do the job. I love how modern, and comfy this chair looks. Also love how it is great for your growing toddler.

  22. We are expecting our first and would love to have this for him. I like how it can be used for small babies and grow and adapt with them for use later on too.

  23. My cousin is anxiously awaiting the birth (this month!) of her soon-to-be adopted daughter. She has struggled with infertility for years – rounds of IVF, several miscarriages, etc.. Now after waiting on a adoption list, she & her husband (both elementary school teachers) are set to finally become parents later this month. Hopefully this little girl will be the 1st of many children for them!!

  24. Due with baby #3 This baby wont be getting many new things because we have everything from my first two. I think it would be awesome to have such a cool new chair for this baby!

  25. My baby is my angel! And she deserves the best in life. So this would be awesome to have for her.

  26. My babies are the love of my life and they would love the chance to sit in a chair as fancy as a stokke!

  27. My lovely lady, Riley, is 15 days old today! I never thought that I could love ANYTHING or ANYONE as much as I am in love with her. She would really love this… this is one thing that we didn’t have money to buy (a bouncer, a highchair, etc.). My fiancé and I would love to have this ready for her to use. What WONDERFUL features! Thanks so much for the chance.

  28. Because she is the apple of my eye and I want only the best for her. And Stokke it is 🙂

  29. We have a 20 month old and we are trying for baby #2. We would definitely put this chair to good use! I love how it transitions from infant to child. It is my dream highchair :))

  30. I’m expecting my 2nd due in a month and a half and honestly how wonderful it would be to put this beautiful chair in our home and be able to have both kids use it… my toddler would love that she could use it as well. Plus let’s face it… it’s a gorgeous chair and would look great in any room

  31. She will be here this fall and we have nothing for her to sit in!

  32. My little man is 5 months old and just about to adventure into food so this would be amazing to win!!!

  33. This is baby #6 and my last. I want all the best baby products for her. She deserves the latest and greatest-but don’t they all!?

  34. My 1 year old son deserves to sit in this chair because he has such a hard time in his current, cheapo, high chair. He has no table manners and refuses to eat unless walking around. I think he would love this chair! Also, we would get plenty of use out of it because my 1 month old daughter could use it as well! Especially the awesome bouncer stage!

  35. Love the fact that this grows with the baby, so it’s one less baby thing to have. My daughter can be my height in the kitchen while I work!

  36. I would love this for my two year old and 8 month old!

  37. Love stokke high chairs! Needing to replace our high chair that is worn out from our first 2 kiddos.

  38. Well, I guess I can tell you here and hope nobody but you reads it… Our baby deserves this because we have fought and prayed for him/her. After 2.5 years of trying, one miscarriage and several rounds of fertility we found out we were expecting on Father’s Day. 🙂

  39. My baby girl is rapidly approaching three months and she’s already Sassy! She watches us eat very intently and repeats the sign for “eat” over and over, even if she has already nursed. I can tell she can’t wait to try solids, but she’s just going to have to! In the meantime it would be fantastic to have the kind of highchair that would accommodate her size so that she can join us at the table. Then to have it transition with her as she grows is amazing. And to top it all off it fits into our home design! It’s a must have for both our baby and ourselves!

  40. My little one is 3 months old and we are so in love with him! I think he deserves this chair because he’s given my husband and I so much love that neither of us have experienced before! What an amazing blessing to have such a sweet baby! Plus he lovesssss all things Stokke 🙂

  41. Why does our baby deserve to sit in this? I think all babies do. It looks awesome and amazing and I would LOVE to have this at my house for my kiddos to enjoy! Thank you for such an AWESOME giveaway!

  42. My baby is Nova Sky! She’s 10 months old and AMAZING! She’s gone from preemie to pudge in her 10 months and she makes me smile ALL day long!

  43. I have an almost 7 month old daughter who just started solids – this chair would be awesome for our continuing journey into the world of solid food.

  44. “BamBam” is 9 months old and is my second son. Since he is the second, he gets all the hand me downs that I saved from his older brother. This includes all the baby gear (yes, highchair too) and the majority of his clothing. Poor “BamBam” has nothing new for himself- and this is why he deserves the Stokke. Not only will it be his own high chair but it will grow with him, and be his own special chair. Something that big brother never had.

    His nickname is “BamBam” cause he’s a bit of bruiser guy- bigger bones, and likes to bang on stuff with his hands- he’s kind of like a cave man. =)

  45. Our Second LO is on the way and due in January and I think every baby deserves an amazing item like the Stokke Steps to help them transition through life!

  46. Baby three needs a new high chair and something of her own. Lol.

  47. Baby #2 is on his/her way and this would be awesome to have! We live in the city in a small space, so something that blends in with our furniture would be great, especially if that something is 2-in-1! AND our toddler can use it too! What a great innovation!

  48. well i think every baby deserve to sit in the Stokke Steps but i would love to win one for my little guy to be in style cuz we would not be able to afford one of these awesome strollers!! thanks for the chance!

  49. My first baby is due in December and I would love this chair! I really like how the baby can be up high when they’re in the bouncer, much better than on the floor.

  50. I am Stoked over Stokke because my little guy Axton can grow with this high chair unlike others!!!

  51. We are expecting baby #6 at the end of the year. This will be our final addition. This baby is going to be having a lot of hand me downs and second run items. Much of it has hideous bears and sheep on them and have seen better days. I would love something new and something that will last and last.

  52. My baby can’t wait to eat in style in the high chair! He/She (it’s a surprise!) is due in 6 weeks and this is the perfect addition to our home.

  53. Would love to win this! My son needs a high chair that will grow with him which would be fab!

  54. My baby boy is due in September and this would amazing for him! He is due the same month his sister will turn 2 (ps they have the exact same due date!!!) so I would love to get him a more boyish color highchair! His sister still uses hers for every meal, plus the colors are made for a girl! Fingers crossed!

  55. This giveaway is super awesome! I would love to win it for my first baby! The Stokke steps high chair would help him a lot when he starts to eat solid food and so much more!
    Thank You for the chance

  56. My son loves to sit at the table with us, because he likes to feed us but it’s hard with his current high chair. This would allow him to really be seated at the table while still being secured.

  57. My youngest is using the hand me down highchair from his 2 older siblings. He is in desperate need of a new one that is noy falling apart more and more by the day!

  58. I would love to win this for my 6 month old grandson as we don’t have a high chair and this one is so awesome, thanks!!

  59. Been eyeing this for my newborn! So in love!

  60. My little one is almost 6 months and we are starting solids soon! I would love to win this for our food aventures!

  61. I would love this because it grows with the baby!! Baby coming in November this would be a great addition!!

  62. I’m expecting a baby #2 and she deserves all thats beautiful to sit her little bum on! 🙂

  63. My husband and I just recently found out that we are expecting and this would be the perfect chair for us!

  64. My baby is almost 3 months and just started rolling over. I had to take away his bouncer because it did not have a 5 point buckle system. He deserves this cause he loved his bouncer. 🙁 And we don’t have a high chair yet either.

  65. ive got a 3 month old who would use every step of this! and a two year old who cant be buckled into our hand me down highchair since they busted months ago! this would get a whole heck of a lot of use in our house!

  66. I am due with my first baby in August and he would look great in this seat! I agree with Katie in the whole not into animal prints or baby prints and I love how this seat looks great in a modern home. It would be perfect for us!

  67. This looks awesome!!! I would love to have this for the new baby. Going on my registry now. Thanks for your blog post!

  68. Our first baby (a girl!) is due in September, and it would be lovely to have such a functional but beautiful seat for her!

  69. Would love this for our baby due in August. We learned with our first daughter that we should always buy baby gear that grows with them. Everything we had bought ended up getting donated since our daughter had grown out of all her baby gear. It’s such a shame thinking about how much we and others have spent buying product after product when all along we only needed one.

  70. We are expecting baby #5 and she will be our second girl after three boys in a row. She deserves a Stokke Steps High Chair because, being #5, I’m sure she will be getting many hand me downs and would love to have something new all of her own once she arrives.

  71. My soon to be baby deserves this as we dont know what to get for our registry and the stokke items are out of our league, so this would be a great piece in the house

  72. my little one has started to feed himself and I would love for him to sit on a proper place instead of running around with his hands full of food. eating together as a family is very important to us and we would love to cultivate that since he’s young. love that it is so flexible and can be transformed from bouncer to high chair.

  73. this would be for my LO who loves to sit and do crafts at the table. id also save it for any future kids

  74. My daughter is the best! She is smart, beautiful, and has quite a sense of humor! This would be for her to eat and sit with mom in the kitchen.

  75. Im currently expecting my 2nd baby & I have seen the reviews for the Stokke steps high chair and i really want to own one coz i know it can grow with my baby & it looks so fabulous. My little girl will definitely be so happy to own one! Huge thanks for the chance!

  76. My daughter is amazing and brings so much joy to my life! We are about to start solid foods so she needs a Stokke Steps for this exciting transition!

  77. I would really love to win this. I am due at the end of October with my first and this would make life a little easier.

  78. I have a 4 month old boy who will be starting food soon and we still don’t have a high chair!

  79. We have this great high chair that I got used that we have loved but now our baby is a year old and the high chair is completely worn out! The tray doesn’t even like to stay on anymore. So there goes our plan to use the highchair with our next baby this chair would be a blessing to win!!

  80. My 8 month old definitely needs this! We’re always looking for a safe and comfy place to put her so she doesn’t get trampled underfoot of the 3 older kids.

  81. The less gear to fuss with the better! Great concept.

  82. My wife isn’t pregnant yet,but we’re TTC.

  83. It would be my first baby and it would be great if we get to win one.

  84. Stokke makes great products! This would be a fantastic addition to our home.

  85. Perfect for baby #2 because it will allow us to keep our tradition of eating together as a family. Also, perfect for keeping baby in kitchen while we prepare meals.

  86. Cool looking highchair. Definitely curious about its functionality.

  87. My baby girl is happy and silly! She absolutely loves sitting at the table with the rest of the family and she would absolutely love this chair!

  88. I would love to win this. We have a one month old and it would be so great to already have him with us at the table.

  89. My baby girl is due Aug 2nd and she deserves this product because it is a awesome high quality well-designed product and she deserves the best!

  90. We just had baby #2 and it would be nice to have something new for him especially bc most of what we got for # 1 was ‘preowned’

  91. My baby deserves the chair because he/she will deserve nothing but the best!

  92. My granddaughter deserves the comfort when eating. This can be used for so many reason.

  93. We are xeroxing baby #1 and we would love to raise all of our kids with this awesome chair! I am familiar with the product as I have used it when I was a nanny so it would be perfect for our growing fam!

  94. Stokke Steps is the perfect solution to keeping the newborn at a higher level than “underfoot” so to speak. Most infant chairs and swings have the tiny one so low, older (but still too young) siblings are poking and prodding at inopportune times. I love that this seat gets the infant out of reach from the littles on the floor as well as accommodates them through childhood!

  95. I have an 8 month old and although he’s too big for the first stages of this chair, we’d still get several years use out of it.

  96. My little guy is a sweetheart and I would love to have this for him since he is not big enough for his chair.

  97. Would love this because of how long it would last and we could get use out of!

  98. We’re expecting our little one in just 5 weeks! We haven’t been able to buy a high chair just of yet. How awesome wold it be to get this high chair which is so sleek and modern, and also grows with baby!

  99. The earlier she learns about good design, the better!

  100. I’ve been struggling with infertility for years! My husband and I are finally pregnant! Looking forward to all the baby products especially Stokke!

  101. I have a 6 month old baby girl and we are starting solid foods! She needs a high chair that can grow with her like this one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  102. Having this chair will allow my little one to eat at the table with us! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  103. We are talking about baby #3 and I would love to use the Stokke chair for him/her! Would be convenient and comfortable for the baby!

  104. Love to win this for my daughter who is expecting her 3rd child in 3 years. It will make her life much easier and all three can use it for years to come

  105. I am expecting my first any day now and would LOVE this!!!

  106. My baby will love this when it’s born next year!

  107. I love that you kept in theme with your home! It’s so hard to find cute chic baby products that don’t have crazy color and patterns that scream baby. I love this!! Good work Stokke!

  108. I’m pregnant with baby #3. My little one deserves this high chair because his/her high chair is in bad shape from going through life with two other babies! 🙂

  109. My baby loves to eat and is messy! This would be great so we don’t have to move her from the high chair to a booster. This would keep her safe for longer!

  110. Newest baby hasn’t been born yet but I do have 3 older kids, 2, 4 and 6. I love that this one chair can accommodate all of them!

  111. I love having baby at the table. it makes them part of meal time from birth. This babe is due in September, so it would be perfect timing to win this.

  112. I would love to win this for baby #2. I love how this high chair grows with baby and she is growing so fast:(

  113. I’m pregnant with my first child, we’re naming her Daphne Anne! She’s due in just a few weeks and I think she deserves the best and this high chair is clearly the best high chair out there! Here’s hoping we win!!

  114. We have a two-year-old and one on the way, and all we’ve ever used is a cheap travel high chair. I was never a huge fan of it, but we weren’t able to spend the money on a super nice chair. This one would be a DREAM! 🙂 Love it!

  115. I would love to win this. It’s amazing and I love that it can be used for so long. And it look like it belongs in the house and goes with everything unlike some baby items!

  116. All the options this gives you is amazing!

  117. I would love to win. I need this highchair!

  118. I haven’t met my baby in person yet, but she is due in October. She is already a fiesty one and LOVES to make her presence known! So far we have no where for her to sit after she arrives. We live in a small apartment and a high chair that can grow with her (not to mention a STOKKE high chair!) would be a godsend!

  119. I would love to win this chair!! So awesome! Our first little one is due in October so while there aren’t a lot of tangible reasons I can describe yet, I can tell you he’s definitely a kicker and stubborn! I think a chair like this would be a wonderful addition to our baby preparation!

  120. this wouldnt be for my babies. It would be for my best friend’s new baby boy. she has been there for me through thick and thin and i wish i could buy her an amazing gift for her new prince but i just cannot afford it. please let me win this for her.

  121. Our newest little peanut is due to arrive in January 2015. This will be baby #5. Since we already have four children, they have a lot of hand-me-downs. I’d love to win this; something new, something beautiful, something wonderful, and trustworthy!

  122. My oldest daughter (the mother of my grandsons) is expecting another baby in November. I’m pretty sure she’d love this fabulous high chair!

  123. Mine gets things all over everything when he eats! He’s still adorable and we’d really love it if we win this!

  124. As a new mom, this looks great to have for my daughter, love things that they can grow with!

  125. This is such an ingenious idea! My daughter is one but still has lots of growing to do and the Stokke Steps can grow with her and I LOVE that!

  126. My little man loves to watch me in the kitchen!

  127. My little one is 11 months and loves to eat!!! Currently we eat on the floor in his bumbo and he is in need of something!!! We’d love to have the stokke chair!

  128. I’m currently pregnant so it would be great to use this from birth until whenever!

  129. We are right at the start of a growing family with a 15m old and the hope of many more in the near future. We currently only have high chair that attaches to the table, while we love this and how portable it is, I would love to have a stationary chair that is the perfect height and transitional!

  130. We are expecting our first in February!! Id love this highchair because it can grow with the baby 🙂

  131. I think it looks super comfortable, i’d love to win for my daughter! I absolutely love that it can be used from birth up!

  132. I would love this for my son. Dinner time when I get home from work is his favorite time to babble/talk and he deserves a spot on our dinner table.

  133. It would be so great for all of us to sit comfortably around the table for meals.

  134. My baby needs deserves this amazing time because this would give me a break to put him down while I cook and clean.

  135. My baby is about to turn 6 months and were going to try solids soon!

  136. Due in December and would really love to have this. It seems like it would be spectacular for ease and the pocketbook!

  137. We have a 3-month old. He loves to sit propped up and this would be so perfect for him! And it will be used as he grows 🙂

  138. I’d actually love to gift this to my SIL because they don’t have a high chair for their daughter yet. I think it would be a great gift 🙂


  139. My baby boy is 10 months old and would love to sit at the dinner table with us, but all we have right now is a Bumbo seat

  140. Our little guy was born in April and has an older brother and sister. As what is normally the case for a third born, they typically don’t need much that you don’t already have. However, our new baby will need a high chair since his older brother completely destroyed the one we had. We learned quickly that once a boy uses something it doesn’t always make it through to the next one in line! Would love to give our third little one something new and all his own!

  141. My baby deserves the best and this will be perfect for her.

  142. I am pregnant and due with my first soon! I would love to win this chair for our sweet little one. It is so stylish and practical.

  143. I just had a baby girl earlier this year and while I planned on her using her older brother’s highchair, I pulled it out of storage and realized how ‘well loved’ it is. While still totally functional, along with everything else I saved to pass down, I frivolously wish she had something new – aside from clothes – to call her own (even if she doesn’t know it).

  144. Our first baby is due any day now and this would be perfect for him!

  145. Our son is one year old and we have another one the way soon. He is full of life and loves to sit in his high chair and loves tasting new foods. This would be perfect for him and his baby brother!

  146. I’m pregnant with my first and am overwhelmed with the choices! This looks like the perfect chair to minimize our baby gear footprint and look good in our small apartment.

  147. Ugh, we totally need this! Our current high chair was a horrible buy and we have regretted it at every meal time. My daughter would love this because it’s so much more comfortable and useful!

  148. I’m a first time Mom, Due in December. The high chair Isle at the Big Box stores are so intimidating and overwhelming! This one seems great, it would be so nice to win! thanks for the giveaway!

  149. Well to be completely honest, baby isn’t due till October. But I would love to have a chair where he can eat with us and start the family dinner time early on! 🙂

  150. We are just getting to eating at the table and this chair would make it easy for our little one to join the family!

  151. Well my baby is getting ready to turn 3 years But this would be great to have for baby #2!

  152. This would be an awesome thing for my baby – i love the transitions!

  153. my little one deserves this because I am expecting baby girl #4 any day and it would be great to have her in this while I am taking care of other things around the house i’ll know she is safe!

  154. I’m expecting baby #1 in October and think this is a great product that will get use for many years!

  155. My baby is getting bored with the laying down stages!

  156. What a great product. Would love to use this for my little boy due in September!

  157. for my wee niece its time for her to start eating at the table!

  158. My child deserves this high chair because he’s always been so hip! We had the original stokke and we loves it. This seems more comfortable for him. We love stokke! They make amazing products.

  159. My son would love this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  160. I’d love to win this for my daughter who is expecting a baby in November (she deserves the best!)

  161. I think this would help my daughter be more interested in eating food! we don’t have a high chair yet

  162. This high chair looks amazing! I would be so incredibly blessed to have one!

  163. I love that this chair works for so long and is so pretty!

  164. My baby is starting solids soon so any chair that helps make the feeding experience a positive one is big to me. This chair might do just that.

  165. My 2 month old is the absolute best. We would love to have him at the table with us! He would love it too!

  166. The baby is not here yet but it is our first grand-baby and this would be so nice to have! 🙂

  167. Sooner than later my happy squirmy baby is going to work her way off of breastfeeding and look to smear all sorts of puréed foods all over her face. The stokke high chair will definitely help with providing a safe and secure way to help her accomplish those daily messes!

  168. My son is so sweet, smart and energetic but the thing to know about my son is he loves to eat! We would love to win this it would be so perfect for us!

  169. This chair is so cool!! I’ve never seen one before….would LOVE this!!!

  170. my baby is super messy and needs a great durable high chair !:) thats why we need this

  171. My son deserves to sit in the stokke steps because he is such a good baby and I would love to treat him with a comfy and stylish chair to rest and eat in. Thanks!

  172. I would love this for my kids. I also watch my nieces and nephew, so it would get a lot of use between feedings and art!!

  173. Every child deserves to have high quality, safe products in their lives. When you can have this combined with function and style, which makes parents quite happy, you get the best of both worlds. We are trying for baby number two and this would make our lives easier knowing it could be a product that grows with him or her.

  174. I would love to win this for my sweet little girl.

  175. I would love to win this for my baby girl. She is 4.5 months old and getting ready to start solids soon. It would be so helpful to have a seat that transitions with her from bouncer to highchair. I would love to have her sitting with us at the table from the beginning. Thanks!

  176. I would love to win this for my baby daughter, she is a funny amazing little girl, a real sweetheart and this looks super comfy. The one we have now is not great and she loves to eat!

  177. I love this product! I wish I would have had this for all of my kids.

  178. Our family loves to eat at the table together and I would like to win this chair because it will grow with him, and I wouldn’t have to purchase another seat for a while which is AWESOME

  179. My little one would love this and since we have 4 kiddos in a smaller than ideal house it would save so much space!!

  180. I haven’t yet met the wee one who’d use this, but it’d be nice to have an all-in-one like this since the baby’s two older brothers will be running circles around both of us!

  181. This would be for my newest grandson Gabriel. He is the most delightful little boy and deserves nothing but the best. 🙂

  182. I am expecting baby number one in about 7 weeks. We have a very small home and anything to save space and money is greatly appreciated. This is a wonderful product that we would love to have in our home for our new bundle of joy :).

    Thank you!!

  183. Expecting second chcild and now have small kitchen I think this would work great!

  184. This would be perfect for our granddaughter to use over the years. She is almost 7 months old now, so we would get lots of use out of it!

  185. This chair is absolutely amazing!! I love it!

  186. I am having my 2nd and with my 1st we used all hand me downs. It will be nice for my 2nd to have some updated items that is ours 🙂

  187. my 3 month old needs this as we are getting ready for foods in the next few months!! can’t wait to see his face!

  188. My son is the perfect age for the booster part, and will be ready to sit in a grown up chair when baby sister comes at the end of this year to use the bouncer part!

  189. Would love to win this for my sisters baby girl!

  190. this is so unique and cool ! would absolutely love this for my second due in september! we never had anything like this with my daughter. we always had to feed her in her floor chair

  191. I’m pregnant with our first, due in mid-August. I love this chair! We would love to win this for our baby girl!

  192. This looks AWESOME!!! It’s great to have several options from one product!

  193. I think my son would appreciate this comfy chair and how modern it is!

  194. My grandson could use this highchair because he doesn’t have one currently.

  195. Baby due in August would love to sit in the stoke steps! Thanks for the chance!

  196. The Stokke Steps High Chair is a mother’s dream high chair for all size babies. It has style, functionality, comfort and safety all in mind with creating this product with baby in mind. How wonderful is that where you can raise the height of the high chair at will for convenience. Most high chairs don’t have many of these special features.
    The baby in the picture looks pretty content in it too while being strapped into it.

  197. Love this chair! Would be so happy to win it 🙂

  198. pregnant with twins and need to buy one more of everything. Would loooove to win this product.

  199. My baby is just starting to sit. He deserves this chair ! 🙂 My bright new bundle of joy has everything leftover from older sister…. time for him to get something new, and just his 🙂

  200. I’m grandmother to my Sweet Baby Wilson who really needs to have his own high chair here at our home. He comes to visit and it would be so nice to have.

  201. I have a 2 year old and a 8 week old! This giveaway would be awesome for my newborn, as my son is still in his high chair.

  202. My daughter hates her high chair. I’m thinking if she had this she would be more comfortable and I love how it will grow with her!

  203. My grandson deserves to be treated in style when visiting my home.

  204. would love to win this highchair for my baby daughter! We live in a small apt and we need something that grows with her! Its a great looking product!

  205. My little guy is the pickiest eater! Maybe if we had a cute chair like this he would be more into meal time 🙂

  206. This chair looks so comfy for a little one. I’ve tried so many different ones now.

  207. My son is growing so fast. I started out feeding him in his car seat and now sit him on my lap to feed him. This would be perfect for him as it would grow with him as he grows and help him to be a more independent eater in time.


  208. My daughter is having a baby boy in 6 weeks – can hardly wait for this grandchild! This Stokke Steps looks amazing and would be perfect for my new grandson!

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  210. my daughter deserves something new after three boys!

  211. My baby is not due until November but I know he will deserve it because we gave all of our baby gear away 5 years ago 😉

  212. Can’t wait to get mine! Great review btw.

  213. I love how this high chair grows with your child and looks nice too!!!

  214. My little one is picky at the table, but is always full of spunk and personality. He’d love to try out this chair!

  215. Well we have two babies. One already sits in a Stokke Tripp Trapp but when we saw the Steps at Bump Club Chicago it immediately became a must have! I’d love to win one!

  216. My daughter has a disability that makes it so she isn’t as stable on a regular chair, this high chair would be awesome to help her be more stable and independent and feel like she is part of the family at the table!

  217. Hi there! My best friend is pregnant with her 1st baby… I’d love to be able to gift her this incredible Stokke high chair!! Thanks for the chance & happy Summer to you! 😀

  218. Expecting baby number three and our high chair is looking a little worse for wear, this one would look beautiful in our kitchen!

  219. we’re HUGE Stokke fans. My baby’s sleep in the sleepi crib and each of my kids have their own tripp trapp (and so do I!). My only complaint about the tripp trapp is that it can’t be used with newborns or baby’s that don’t sit well. I need the Stokke steps to allow my next baby to join the family around the table

  220. I deserve to win this awesome high chair because 1) this is my 2nd child, and while ecstatic, it was unplanned AND we had given everything away, 2) before I had a chance to catch my breath and figure out what kind of high chair I needed/wanted, I was in the hospital 5 weeks early delivering my son via emergency c-section, so I never got around to getting one. (Other things took precedence, i.e., getting him home from the NICU), 3) He was in the NICU and made a remarkable turnaround and is doing wonderful, but STILL has no high chair! So really, it’s not me that deserves it, it’s him!

  221. My little guy loves to eat so this would be great! Love the sleek design and LOVE how practical it is! Thanks for the chance!

  222. This would be great since we need a high chair for baby #2. This looks really nice and comfortable.

  223. My little guy has finally decided he really likes to eat and of course, he deserves the best.

  224. Expecting babygirl#1 in Oct, I’m sure she would love it!

  225. My son is about to start solids and this high chair is über cute!

  226. This has to be the best high chair I have ever seen. We would love to have one.

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