January Baby Gear Giveaway

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January Baby Bundle

It’s that time again for our monthly Baby Bundle, each month we pick four of our favorite baby gear items and give them all away. January’s giveaway is sure to blow you away! All of these items will prepare you to bring your new baby home and are items every expecting parent should put on their baby registry.

HALO Swivel Bassinett

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

Finally a bassinet that allows you to co-sleep safely. The new HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is the only infant bassinet that moves to bring baby to you. Now your little one can sleep as close to you as you want – even right next to you in bed – and still sleep safely in his own separate space. And the more the Bassinest moves, the less you have to – which makes taking care of baby throughout the night a lot easier. A dual swivel motion allows the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper to rotate 360 degrees, which means baby can be pulled right next to you in bed. Also, with its patented retractable wall, baby can be easily lifted out of the Bassinest to the breast for nighttime feedings – without having to get out of bed.

New parents are tired and often confused by conflicting advice to keep their babies close for bonding and breastfeeding, while trying to balance safe sleep practices. The HALO Bassinest comes to the rescue offering a safe sleeping environment for baby, as well as the ability to sleep close. New fabric design now available!

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Offspring Baby Clothing


With a new bundle of joy on the way the brand Offspring has the cutest prints for both boys and girls. The bright colors and modern patterns keep it fresh and fun. Their collection of soft cotton footies, two piece sets, blankets and take me home outfits are just to hard to resist. Offspring also knows that having a baby can be expensive so the prices won’t break the bank which is what we love because baby’s simply grow too fast!

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Babyhome Wave Wooden Rocker
Babyhome Wave Wooden Rocker

The Babyhome Wave Wooden Rocker features simple, soft lines, turns its design into one of the warmest and most comfortable for baby on the market.  It offers a pleasant, steady, front-to-back rocking motion which relaxes baby to ensure their utmost restfulness and also comes with the option of a stationary position.

Made from high-quality laminated wood and available in walnut and white, the chair has a harness with three attachment points and comes with a cotton reducer that is soft to the touch and easy to wash. Two reclining positions are featured along with a folding position, so it meets baby’s needs perfectly while also ensuring their utmost comfort at all times. Wave folds easily and compactly so it can be stored in small areas.  This stylish and functional bounce chair is ideal for lovers of the best in children’s design.

The new Wave Bounce Chair is available in White or Walnut wood finishes and fabric color choices include Graphite, Clay or Sand. $179.00

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Simmons Kids Rowen Crib

Simmons Kids Crib

Design a nursery like no other with the Rowen Collection from Simmons Kids®. With grooved detailing and clean lines, it merges timeless design with heirloom- quality construction, ensuring your little one’s room will be stylishly appointed for years to come. This 4-in-1 convertible crib converts into a toddler bed, a daybed and a full size bed. Available in black espresso or grey for only $299 at Target. Simmons Kids is a sister brand of Delta Children.

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January Baby Bundle Giveaway Savvy Sassy Moms

January Baby Bundle Giveaway!

One winner will receive the following prizes. Open to US and Canadian residents.

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper {$249.00}
Babyhome Wave Wooden Rocker {$179.00}
Simmons Kids Rowen Crib {$299.00}
Offspring Layette Baby Clothing {$100.00}

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  1. I gift-wrapped my positive pregnancy test and hand it him! Oh happy tears! Love it 🙂

  2. i gave them a surprise call on christmas to let them know that i was expecting!

  3. My husband was there with me, but we told fam and friends by putting a “BIG SISTER” t-shirt on my daughter and seeing when they noticed. 😉

  4. The first time my husband was right there when the test developed. We had agreed to wait till 12 weeks to tell everyone, but he was so excited that by the time I got out of the bathroom he had already called his mom, dad and sister. This time I sent out a mass text to our family after our first doctor appointment.

  5. I told my husband via picture text of the pregnancy test. I was pretty sure I saw 2 lines, but I needed a second opinion.

  6. The first pregnancy, I wrapped up the test in a box and gave it to him as a gift. He was pretty excited to get the news.

  7. I forgot to mention in my comment above how we told our family and friends. We told our family and friends together whenever we would run into them. Nothing too exciting.

  8. I wrapped up the positive pregnancy test for my husband to open – he was shocked!

  9. I wrapped up a little baby football jersey and gave it to him when he finished coaching football practice

  10. I told some in person, some by text and email and some in our Christmas card

  11. I told my husband as soon as the stick turned….hehe
    My mom over the phone both times. As soon as I tested.
    I couldn’t wait. We have two healthy children! Hopefully more in the future!
    Thank you!

  12. First was just a “Uhhh I’m pregnant” 2nd was a wrapped pregnancy test.. 3rd due next week was honey are you ready to have 3?

  13. I showed my husband a positive pregnancy test early in the morning as he woke up! Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  14. I got so excited that I just told my husband the second I took the test. I couldn’t keep it in.

  15. I told my husband we were expecting as with a little card letting him know he would be a dad! My husband made a whole video with a Superman theme for our family to announce our pregnancy, everyone loved it!

  16. We called everyone we knew when we found out we were having our first, which was twin girls

  17. My husband was waiting for me to take the test and I ran out and said “is that two lines?! IS THAT TWO LINES?!” And sure enough… it was. 🙂

  18. I just kind of blurted it to my husband after I took the test…it was quite a shock to find out so I didn’t put much thought into how to tell him! 🙂

  19. I had my son wear a big brother shirt at dinner. He was so surprised!

  20. I bought him a “dad” birthday card a few days before his birthday… he was a little confused at first but then we shared some happy tears after it registered!

  21. i called my 5yo son and we ask his dad to close his eyes coz we have surprise for him, then my son hand him the positive pregnancy test. we are all extremely happy and excited coz we waited 5yrs to have another one.

  22. My husband was with me when we found out, my other realtives got phone calls

  23. We experienced fertility issues. I just took a pregnancy test on a whim 13 DPO, and it was so light most people would have thought it was negative. I had to call him immediately and I screamed into the phone I got a positive. When he got home he was sure it wasn’t a positive because he was so used to reading OPKs and thought they were the same!

  24. I got him baby shoes and gifted them to him… he was VERY surprised!

  25. I didn’t tell anyone–I am trying to win this for my sister-in-law.

  26. For baby #2, it was really fast…on the phone! Had to call and tell my mom next, haha

  27. We told our friends and family by sharing a picture of our 3 year old daughter, and 5 year old son holding a sign that said “Boys 1, Girls 1, Tiebreaker Coming March 2015!”

  28. With our daughters pregnancy I got a huge bottle of prego pasta sauce and added the words “we’re” and an exclamation point to the bottle, so it read “We’re Prego!”. Placed it in the cupboard with my iPod to record him discovering it… He didn’t get it right away.
    With this pregnancy, we took a photo of our girl and a checklist that included [] learn to crawl [] learn to walk
    And at the end [] become a big sister!
    Sent that to friends and family, then posted on Facebook

  29. Since this is our 3rd and final baby, my hubby and I had a feeling that I was expecting due to the morning sickness which gave it away. What truly surprised him was that my OB confirmed our little baby girl would be due around April 6, 2015 and his birthday fall on the 10th. So he is super excited!
    As for family, our families had an idea I was expecting because I wasn’t so upbeat and cheerful like I usual am because I ‘claimed’ to be sick for weeks on end and avoided them.
    Due to my medical history and our past losses, my other half and I truly wanted to share the great news once I had hit my 2nd trimester.
    Thankfully, I have made it to 28 weeks today, and it’s pretty obvious now that I am expecting and my friends have made note of it. Now we are trying to find a theme for my shower.

  30. We gift wrapped a onesie that said “What happens at grandmas stays at grandmas” and gave it to my parents

  31. I was so boring this time around! Just walked out of the bathroom with a not-even-dry FRER and showed it to him. Hugs and kissing followed, so it wasn’t that bad:)

  32. We told our parents by giving them each a picture frame with a picture of a blueberry and the words “Your first grandchild is currently this big… Estimated arrival May 3rd.”

  33. I woke him up and told him to look in the bathroom where i left the positive test!

  34. I bought my husband a box of chocolate and spelled it out!

  35. Just told him.. Guess what???? “We’re pregnant!!”

  36. wrapped a new baby toy and gave it to hubby as an early birthday present (2 weeks early). He was angry to get a gift so early, then puzzled once he unwrapped it, until he realized what it was. Everyone else we told after 3 months.

  37. First time just told them…later the siblings wore shirts that said big brother.

  38. We are due with a boy (our first after a long battle with infertility) in June 2015. All these products in the giveaway I obsess over! Pick me!!!!! Please!

  39. I said from the bathroom, “Dear, you better come look at this!”

  40. I bought a baby toy and put positive test inside. Took him out to eat and made him open in public. He was in shock and it was great! 🙂

  41. This is our 6th baby… for our friends and family, some we called and texted, others we told when we put the ultrasound pic on FB . My hubby I told when I found out and was in a little bit of shock- I thought I was just sick- happily surprised it wasn’t just the flu!

  42. My husband and I were together… Precious moment we will always cherish

  43. My husband was with me when I took the test… Precious moment we will always cherish

  44. We had just gotten a new puppy, so we sent our family a photo of the puppy with the positivist pregnancy test!

  45. I took my parents to lunch and gave them a thank you card with a picture of 3 positive pregnancy tests I had taken!

  46. We invited our parents over on Mothers Day and wrote it in their cards that they were going to be wonderful grandparents!

  47. I put my test results in a huge box on my hubby birthday all wrapped and he was the happiest man alive we were both so excited it sure was our happy bay…

  48. with a photo of the ultra sound…”can’t wait to meet you” card

  49. I told them that I was pregnant Then 2 weeks later I stated that it was not just one but twins..

  50. I told my husband..but for friends and family I made an announcement photo with my older kids saying they have a secret. 🙂

  51. We had just miscarried two months earlier, so I skipped the fanfare and just showed my husband the test and said… I think I see a line! My mom actually asked if I was pregnant, and I couldn’t lie to her. The rest of the family heard it through the grapevine (mostly via my very excited mother).

  52. I told my husband I had an early birthday present for him. It was his 30th bday in a few days. I gave him a card that said “You’re having a baby!” On the inside I wrote, “You’re going to be a dad! Baby Owens due May 2015!” He thought it was a prank at first. We had been trying for over a year. Then I showed him the test. We ran out and got a digital for confirmation right away. 🙂

  53. I wrapped a “world’s greatest daddy” medallion and placed on a gift box which he opened at our family dinner..it took him a minute to catch on but eventually he broke into a contagious laugh and gave me a huge hug!

  54. I walked over to my husband and hugged him and said “you’re going to be a daddy”.

  55. We showed our parents a slide show of our recent trip and the last picture was our first sonogram! They were speechless! 🙂

  56. We told our families in person. No big surprise announcement this time around.

  57. I put the older child in a big sister t-shirt and waited for him to notice. 🙂

  58. My husband knew since we waited for the test results together, I gave the positive test to my mom in a gift bag, and everyone else got a holiday card that announced it.

  59. As much as I would have loved to come up with a fun reveal to my hubby out situation was much different. After 7 long years of IVF and other fertility procedures we finally we successful with our last IVF attempt. So my hubby and I were anxious waiting by the phone for our Dr to call with our beta HCG results. After so many years of negative calls we burst out with tears of joy with the ” you are pregnant” news. Yay! Our miracle baby.

  60. With my first baby boy, I told my husband right away and my family right away too! with our second one..I’m 13 weeks right now and it’s our little secret 🙂 we haven’t told family/friends yet but we will soon…probably over a dinner..:)

  61. I just told them. No special way, though we did do a cute picture to let people know the gender.

  62. We told them as I was in the we. We thought we were having another miscarriage. Luckily, our girl is 4.5 months old!

  63. I went a onesis that said I love dad and put that and two positive pregnancy tests on top and left it in our bedroom so when he got home from work he would see it!

  64. With our youngest, we found out in the summer.. we took a family picture at the beach of my husband, myself, our son who was 9, our daughter who was 3, and an empty baby floaty in the front. I wrote a little poem ‘This year we went to the beach as a family of four, by this time next year, there will be one more!’ then I emailed it to all of my friends and family <3 I printed it off and we gave them to our parents too! It was fun <3


  65. We ordered Chinese food and had special made fortune cookies made with a message inside to announce it, so after we ate the parents each got one to break open, unknowingly, and where quite surprised.

  66. My husband came with me to my doctors appointment and the doctor told both of us on good friday! We made Easter eggs with the due date for our family and friends!

  67. I brought cupcakes to work with pink and blue hearts on them (due date was Valentines Day).

  68. This is our 3rd pregnancy and my partner actually told me I was pregnant. He just knew from the way I was acting. I had no clue! I took a test and sure enough at that time I was 4 weeks pregnant. Now we are 14 weeks and we told the rest of the family over the holidays by giving them all custom made calendars with pictures of our children and we put a stork image on the due date – July 14, 2015. It was fun to see how many actually paid attention and got it and who just skimmed over it and didn’t notice.

  69. We told my mom first by giving her the proof of pregnancy from the doctor’s office.

  70. Just told him when he came home from work. I couldn’t wait.

  71. first time i called my husband when he was at work (not a smart move lol)
    the second time we found out together at the doctors office

  72. I left a bun in the oven and when my husband got home told him to look!

  73. I told my hubby on his 30th bday, I had downloaded the what to expect app on his phone and told him to check it!

  74. I wish I had some great story, but I can’t hold a secret and immediately told everyone I know… I even told complete strangers!

  75. Just came out and said it…. We where always trying so no surprise.

  76. I was an older single mom. I just sat my parents down and told them. Either they could accept it or not. They did and were very supportive as were my friends.

  77. Nothing too spectacular, just showed them an ultrasound photo.

  78. We both found out together when we took the home pregnancy test

  79. I wrote “hey daddy” on the mirror for my husband when he came home from work.

  80. My mom had an antique rocking chair that she kept telling me, was to rock her future grandbabies if she ever had any. My husband and I went to visit her, and during a regular conversation, my husband asked if she still had the rocking chair. She said “Yes, why?” He simply said, “Well, you better dust it off.”

  81. We carved two pumpkins and the third was a small pumpkin we put a expecting date on it and sent to everyone!

  82. My husband was out of town when I found out. I put together a cute little gift basket for him to find on our bed when he got home. But after 3 days of knowing, I couldn’t keep it in anymore, & I blurted it out on the phone!

  83. I just screamed and told my husband! We told our families by getting photos taken in somewhat matching Hello Apparel shirts. Mine says “I’M SO PREGNANT”, my husband says “I”M SO TIRED”, and my 1 year old son’s says “I’M NOT TIRED. We framed and wrapped the photos and gave them to them on Christmas morning!

  84. My husband was so excited about the idea that he actually woke up at 5am and went to buy me a pregnancy test so we were together when we found out.

  85. I told my family at a family gathering for someones Birthday.

  86. I bought a bib that says I have a surprise for you.. Wrapped up the positive test in it and put it in a gift bag. Had hubby open it. For family, we put a shirt on our dog that said I’m going to be a big brother.

  87. I took my daughter to the mall and went to take photos in a photobooth. While the booth was snapping away I held up a card that said “big sister”. When my husband got home, I had our daughter hand him the picture. He was surprised and he also loved the idea.

  88. The first time it was close to Christmas so I wrapped a pacifier as a gift and that’s how he found out n second time I took the pregnancy test because he made me n it was positive so no secret to that;)

  89. Well my wife told me by wrapping the pregnancy test and giving it to me on my birthday. She found out a few days before and was dying to tell me. Best gift I got on my birthday. Then we announced to our family and friends a few weeks later.

  90. anymore i just tell one person…nothing special…just an I’m pregnant…and let the gossip cycle spread it around!!

  91. We announced with a cute photo of our daughter with a blackboard, and a photo of me eating pickles and ice cream 🙂

  92. No pregnancy announcement yet, but I hope I can win this giveaway to share with my sister-in-law 🙂

  93. We invited the entire over for dinner and announced it there!

  94. We seht out a postcard with baby shoes, since we are adopting I didn’t have a cute little belly.

  95. This last time I put a hotdog bun in the oven with the test stick in the bun in case he didn’t get it at first.

  96. With my pregnancies I either called him right after, or did the test with him next to me.

  97. We planned the night before to take a hpt with fmu the next morning. I woke up early, tested and was screaming of joy and he ran into the bathroom and grabbed me off the potty to hug me! Lol most memorable moment!

  98. Well, it was quite the surprise! I had been involved in an accident and was taken to the hospital. A few hours later, the DR came in and informed me that my pregnancy test came back positive! I couldn’t contain my excitement, even though I was in the hospital. I immediately called my family members and shared the amazing news!

  99. Well we met after previous marriages, neither of us wanted more children. So, I wrapped up the positive pregnancy test and presented it one morning while we were sitting outside discussing how my teens were making us crazy 🙂

  100. I told him by giving him a positive pregnancy test wrapped as a gift on his birthday! Pretty cool how the timing worked out!

  101. We were trying for a while, so there really wasn’t much of a big surprise. We were both anxiously waiting, and found out together at the same time.

  102. everyone figured it out because they’ve been on baby-watch for so long!

  103. My husband always knows I am pregnant before I am sure. We just tell family , nothing special. We love our beautiful boys!

  104. I told them face to face and could not get the smile off my face

  105. Haven’t gotten the opportunity to yet! Trying to win this for my sweet best friend who could really use it!

  106. I was boring the 1st go round and just shared the test. Trying to be more creative for #2!

  107. I was in the Gym bathroom when I took my test. We had been trying for 4 months with no luck. I knew I was due any day and the last thing I wanted was to be working out and start my peroid! So I bought a test just to prove to myself that I was not pregnant and I was just a day or two late….. Yeah I got to big fat lines so I took a pic and sent it to my hubby, told him we where pregnant!

  108. I wore a shirt that said “TOUCHDOWN”. It had an egg and…. You know what on it lol

  109. We gave our parents a set of pictures and the sonogram was tucked in.

  110. I told my partner by handing him my test… my family I didn’t do anything special and told them a little differently with each one!

  111. I had a custom made onesie laying on the bed to announce to my husband when he got home!

  112. I took my family with us on a church function to Glen Rose TX for The Promise play. I told them when we were getting ready to leave. They already knew we were trying so they pretty much knew!

  113. I was just so excited because I was pregnant. We tried for several years and was told we were never going to get pregnant due to a medical issue. So when we found out, I showed my parent’s the positive test and called everyone else.

  114. My wife told me by coming out of the bathroom crying holding the pregnancy stick. They were happy tears.

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