Winter workout gear keeps fitness fun

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Winter Workout Gear
Winter fitness requires a bit of extra planning

Winter workout clothes don’t have to mean purchasing a complete, brand-new wardrobe — though if that’s what will keep you at the gym, we’re not going to argue with you — but you do have to make some changes in your planning. Cold weather running tips recommend certain gear, while gym-friendly layers go from the car to the yoga studio. Whether you’re running outside or heading for your favorite fitness class, the right winter workout clothes can be the difference between getting fit and getting frostbite.

1. Peekaboo’s Ponytail Hats $36.95
2. Columbia Women’s Trail Running Glove $40.00
3. Sonar Reflective Dot Tight $89.00
4. My Run Layer Half Zip Top $80.00
5. Camelbak Water Bottle $25.00
6. Lole Ponder 2 Top $70.00
7. Sorel Joan of Arctic Boot $180
8. Brooks Glycerin Running Shoe $150.00
9. MiniSuit Sporty Armband $29.95
10.North Face Jamee Insulated Jacket $118.00

Cover your extremities

Heads and hands are two areas you don’t think about keeping warm in the summer, but in the winter a hat and gloves can be the difference between a comfortable workout and one that leaves you with fingers so stiff they’re unable to operate the buttons on your GPS.

I tend to run in those stretchy gloves you buy for a dollar, in case I pull them off during my run and lose them. However, if you’re looking for something a little more technical, try the Ronhill Classic Glove (Wiggle, $13). The bright pink is happy, and the material is lightweight and wicks sweat away from your hands, keeping your body temperature regulated. Our the Columbia Women’s Trail Running Glove.

If you’re covering your head on the way to a fitness class, you can use your favorite hat — though we adore the Peekaboos® Classic Cable Hat (Peekaboos, $37). With two — hidden — openings for high or low ponytails, the hat is adorable and comfortable. If you plan on running, walking, or cycling outdoors in low light, consider the Pathfinder Lighted Beanie (L.L. Bean, $25). You’ll be able to keep your footing in the snow, in addition to being more visible to other cold-weather fitness enthusiasts and drivers.

Love your layers

Layers are a winter workout’s best friend, whether you’re using them as a base for outdoor workout clothes or plan on shedding them once your barre instructor gets up your heart rate. The thumbhole detail in the Ponder 2 Top will keep your sleeves from shifting (Lolë, $70). Running tights are a fantastic base layer, and the Winter Running Tights have a cute peek of pink (H&M, $20).

Protect your shoes

Hiking through the snow means your shoes will be a little battered by the time spring begins to bloom. If you’re working out at a gym, protect the equipment — and extend the life of your shoes — by wearing something comfortable into and out of the gym. Women’s Sorel Boots or Tall Ugg Boots will keep your toes toasty as you walk to and from your car — and the height means you can still sport your favorite yoga capris without exposing your calves.

How do you change your fitness wear for winter workouts?

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