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It’s funny how when someone gives you money and tells you to buy something for yourself, that money is a little harder to spend. My Birthday was September 24th and my husband gave me some money and told me that I should buy something nice for myself.  Not the kids, not miscellaneous shit at Target, but something I really want.  We’ve been budgeting pretty hard for the last year and so I haven’t splurged on things for myself as I would have in the past.  I like quality items and sometimes I just don’t like to settle.  Most of the time I’d rather stick with what I have then get a similar or cheaper item.

So I knew I wanted a new handbag and that was what this money would buy.  I don’t need an obnoxious label or a $1,000 handbag but I did want something that rocked.  I saw this Kelsi Dagger “Alexandra” Tote in the Nordstrom holiday catalog.  I went to Nordstrom to see it, touch it and feel it.  I bought it for $328.00

What do you think of my purchase?  Do you have a tough time spending money on yourself?

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