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Five juice cleanses to clean up your diet

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Clean up your diet with the best juice cleanses

After the onslaught of jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, your nutrition plan may feel a little stalled. Even if you don’t actually celebrate Easter, it’s not exactly easy to bypass the post-Easter candy clearance aisles. A juice cleanse can jump start you back into cleaner eating, and we’ve rounded up the best juice cleanses for you to try.

Juice cleanses

BluePrint offers three levels of cleansing intensity

Moving from snacking on candy to six liquid meals a day might seem drastic, but BluePrint® makes sure there’s a cleanse available for anyone who wants to clean up their diets. Their three cleanses — Renovation, Foundation and Excavation — are designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced cleansers. The basic difference is the amount of green juices are included versus fruit juices, because moving straight into a green-juice-heavy cleanse can be difficult, and BluePrint wants you to stick with your cleanse until you’re feeling healthier and more energized.

best juice cleanses

Make your blender work for you with Dr. Oz’s 3-Day Detox Cleanse

Not all juice cleanses need to break your budget. Dr. Oz’s 3-Day Detox Cleanse arms you with a shopping list and recipe sheet that can have you on the way to healthier eating for $16 a day. Fruits and vegetables deliver bursts of phytochemicals and antioxidants through three different drinks throughout the day — you can choose one of the drinks to repeat for a snack if you’re feeling a little hungry. Green tea helps start your morning if you’re used to hot coffee. If you’re unsure about a cleanse, three days isn’t a terrible length of time to try, and the site has a bunch of great information about how to transition your body in a way that keeps you energized and comfortable.
Detox Juice Cleanse

Mix and match your juicing needs

Project Juice knows not all cleanse-doers are the same, and they’ve designed a way for you to personalize your experience to meet your own needs — and tastes. With the Project Juice Build Your Own Juice Cleanse, you choose everything, from the amount of days to the types of juices you want — 6 juices per day. Project juice has recommendations on how many of each type of juice you should include and why, for example, they recommend at least one nut juice for healthy fats and protein each day.

Project Juice

Going green isn’t just about the environment

Go Green from Organic Avenue is a cleanse comprised of all green juices for three or five days. The low-glycemic, nut-free cleanse is packed with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, giving you the opportunity to really incorporate the benefits of green juice into your diet. The juice is delivered to your home after undergoing two cold-pressing processes to maintain the highest levels of freshness and nutrition.

Best Juice Cleanses

Make juicing part of your daily life

The benefits of incorporating cold-pressed, nutrient-dense juices into your diet don’t have to stop at the end of your juice cleanse. Life Juice urges juicers to use a cleanse to jump-start a lifestyle change. They recommend a three-day diet to slowly ease into the cleanse, then a one, three or five day all-juice diet, followed by incorporating juices into your daily diet in a way that works for you. Their juices work together on the cleanse to keep you balanced and supplied with the proper nutrients, but you can choose the juices you need for daily use to meet your individual needs — like getting more green vegetables into your diet or soothing your digestive system.

Best Juice Cleanses

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