Banjees, Shoelaces and Pink Pressure!

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You:  “What the hell is that?”

Me:  “Its the Pocket you wished you had!” ( actually said that)

It’s called Banjees and you can say you saw it here first!   Okay, so you may have saw it on the TODAY show first, whatever.

I like to walk places if I can and when i leave the house I don’t always need my entire 10 lbs purse.  So this sassy new accessory goes on my wrist and holds just the essentials.  A credit card, some cash and even my iphone, a house key, Ipod, drivers license or any other little thing you may need when you are out and about!  Going ot the gym?  it’s perfect for your ID card and locker key.  It’s made of very soft fabric, it’s reversible and comes in two sizes.  I’m sporting the BIg Banjee in the pink tie-dyed, (they clearly knew who they were sending it to).

I have been totally slacking on my fitness routine and I think this savvy little thing might have just re-charged my energy, because in order to wear it I have to be actively doing something, I can’t just be wearing it while sitting on my computer, I mean I could, but that would just look silly.

I was also just convinced to run in the BlogHer 5K and I was promised some pink shoelaces by the girls over at Fit Approach.  So there you have it, I’m gonna get my savvy sassy fitness on and all becasue of  Banjees and some pink shoelaces.

So would this be peer pressure or pink pressure?
What ever it is it’s working because I can never say no to pink!

Check Out Fit Approach and their Sweat Pink Movement!

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word about sweat pink! Those shoelaces are going in the mail today! Can’t wait to see you rocking them, and getting all pink’n’sweaty with you at Blogher!!!

  2. Banjees on the way mommypants! Thanks and wishing the pink squad a great run! Take pics!

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