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I was born to stay fit!

This month I am “curating for a cause” and you can too! Now through March 31, 2014, whenever you create an eBay collection using #ImBornTo in the title, eBay will donate $1 to March of Dimes (up to $25,000 total) and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $5,000 eBay shopping spree!

What was I born to do?  I think I was born to shop and share my style. So, last week I created an entire Accessories Collection and this week I am sharing my Staying Fit eBay Collection.

Staying healthy and fit is not just a hobby but a very important priority. As moms we are very busy, but the one thing that has helped me get through motherhood is a good workout and finding time for myself. I have to carve out time in my busy schedule to for doing yoga, running, long walks or hikes. It is essential, and the goal of working out isn’t just for a hot bod but to clear your head of all your mental clutter too.

I realize we all get in a fitness funk but one way to get you motivated again is to shop for some new workout essentials — and eBay has just about everything you need. You can find yoga mats, water bottles, light weights, ipod nano arm bands, and heart rate monitors. These may seem like little things but they go a long way, but if lacing up a new pair of shoes gets you out the door then so be it!

Curate for a Cause

Check out my Staying Fit eBay Collection then create your own #ImBornTo collection and you’ll be helping raise money for the March Of Dimes!

What helps you stat motivated to keep healthy and fit?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own. I am genuinely very excited that I found so many amazing accessories on eBay!


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