Don’t Give Up The Pretty

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As we age, as we become mothers, we become more beautiful than our younger selves.
At least that’s my perspective.

Recently, I found Molly Ringwald’s book Getting the Pretty Back. I picked up this book off the shelf after having my twins. When you spend nine months with your body taken over by that miraculous little baby (or in my case babies) – you feel desperate to get your pretty back. If you’re not careful, you start to feel at a loss for yourself. But what I’ve come to realize is that with my age, with motherhood, I get more beautiful. I posted here at SSM recently on how we get better with age and this is an extension of that. Sure, things change, wrinkles happen, certain places sag….


We also learn more about ourselves. We learn how to take care of our bodies, dress our shape to enhance its natural assets and nurture our mental well-being. We decide what we want for ourselves in the way of image and we evolve.  And if we take the proactive, healthy approach to our lives alongside raising our kids, then aging doesn’t have to be scary.

Pretty Maintenance Tips


It is a proven fact that regular activity will not only result in a healthier body but also a healthier mental well being. So jump on that elliptical while catching up on your Real Housewives drama instead of sitting on the couch. Thirty minutes, three times a week is doable and your health and overall well-being depend on it.


Getting a full night of sleep is vital to keeping your energy level high. It ties into everything you do and how you interact with others.  It’s impossible to be productive or to maintain patience if you are lacking sleep.

If you are a new mother or find yourself stretched thin with commitments that keep you up late then try to find time to rest during the day or mark specific nights off in an effort to limit late night work. Commit to regular rest as much as possible.

{Eat Well}

We all have food and drink vices.

Cupcakes – YES please!

Cabernet with dinner – OK!

But how do you find balance with food and maintain health?

That’s a question you have to answer by analyzing those vices and creating a plan that works for your individual health and well being in mind.  I am of the mindset that most things, within moderation, are ok. So grab your cupcake and Cab – just not every single day and sprinkle in that spinach leaf salad and green tea as well.

{Nurture Relationships}

Relationships brighten a person’s life. They bring us balance, reprieve from the days stresses, and fun. But you have to work to nurture them so they will be nurturing to you in return. Make time for your friends and family. Find balance between work and play. You will find that your day-to-day stresses are manageable when you feel a sense of support through those relationships.

{Love Yourself}

This is probably one of the more difficult tips to follow, but it’s important that you learn to love yourself as you are. Give yourself credit where credit is due. Focus on what you do well instead of what you did wrong. Allow mistakes and take them as learning experiences. If you do not learn to appreciate yourself, no one else will either.

Keeping up with style, health and relationships is tough some days.
But it’s important to keep making the effort because you’re worth it.

~Nicole at Moments that Define Life

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  1. I must work on the Sleep department and I have let my exercise fall by the waste side lately:( Time to re-prioritize some things. Thanks for the great post and reminder!

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