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I love taking my kids to the movies, the ticket price sometimes shocks me but I truly enjoy it.   I take them to see all the animated films as soon as they hit the big screen.    I love seeing my kids sit in the movie theatre with their little legs just dangling off the seat.   Thanks to the billboards and commercials they know exactly what date movie come out too.  Nothing gets past them, “Mom, next Friday HOP comes out, we gotta go see it!” or “Mom, when is April 1st?”

Luckily for them, I was invited to the screening of  HOP the night before it hit theatres, (perks of being my savvy sassy kids) so of course I hopped at the chance and took them to see it!    I told them they were going to be the first kids to see the movie (trying to score some cool mom points!)

HOP is an adorable movie about E.B., a funny little bunny next in line to be the Easter Bunny.  Russell Brand is the voice of E.B. and it was a perfect choice, his humor cam right through.  E. B. would much rather be a drummer in a band than deliver baskets of candy to kids, so he sets out on an adventure in Hollywood and guess which mansion this bunny shows up at?

The movie has some adult humor which is always great for parents and I was shocked to see Chelsea Handler make an appearance! ( I LOVE Chelsea Lately)  I really enjoyed this movie, I mean looking at James Marsden for an hour 1/2 isn’t half bad either, it was cute and my kids loved it.  Although, I think we will be hearing about popping jelly beans for a very long time and my son now wants to be a drummer in a band;)

Savvy Sassy says Take the kids!

Check out the trailer on Iwantcandy.com

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  1. Andrea, that is so funny. My son wanted to be a drummer too after seeing it. We just got his drums in the mail this past week. He is making quite the beautiful music. LOL

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