Easter Cake Pops

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Forget decorating Easter eggs this year – that’s so 2005!  Come on Moms channel your inner Bakerella and decorate some Cake Pops for Easter this year!  I mean, I hate to say it but the  Easter Bunny may want to think about re-branding that plain ol’ chocolate bunny.  #justsayin

If those bunnies seem a little too advanced you can always just coat them with colorful sprinkles and candies.  This style of decorating cake pops is much easier if you have little hands helping.   These easter cake pops are simply adorable.  I do love a hard boiled egg, but cake tastes soooo much better!

If you want to get super fancy and make Easter centerpieces for the tables but some fake grass in a bowl or dish and plant your cakepops into a piece of craft foam.  Your family and friends are sure to be pretty embarrassed when they show up with a store bought bag of peeps.

I say, “Make Easter Pops Cakes a new Holiday Tradition!”

  • If you want to learn How to make Easter Cake Pops watch my Cake Pops Video
  • Feel free to ask me any questions by commenting below!
  • Buy the Cake Pops Book by Bakerella

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  1. Hi Andrea! Great post, this is the first time I’ve read about Cake Pops. I see them at Starbucks every morning, but now I’ll have to make them!!

    I’ve been painting Easter eggs since I was a kid but this looks like WAYYY more fun and the pay off is 10 times better.

    For the other moms out there, what kind of creative ideas do you have to make these fun and unique? I’m having the family over for Easter and think it would be great to have a bunch of stuff out for the kids to get creative!


  2. MMMM. Cake pops. We made them for my daughters birthday, after seeing this video. I have no idea how we’d make them look like rabbits or easter eggs, but it’s worth a try. Yummy.

  3. Link doesn’t go to video. Believe it or not, I want to try making these!!!

  4. When making the easter egg cake pops, how do you let them dry so that you dont get a flat side??

  5. You have to get craft foam to stand them up! Just poke the stick in the foam:)
    Micheals or Joans should have this for you. White foam or the florist green foam.

    Have fun!

  6. Love it! Thanks for the great video! I attempted this once and made a crazy mess! Now I will try it again! McKenna is adorable! This is such a great bonding activity and also great for little hands to work on motor skills and creativity!

  7. Gave the book to my daughter for her birthday. Just finished reading it from cover to cover–So much inspiration!!

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