I’m running my first half marathon

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So you wanna be a superstar?  Yup.

I just registered for my very first half marathon.  Why?  because I like a challenge.  I’m rather fond of working hard for something, because nothing feels better than accomplishing a goal.  Well, actually nothing feels better than doing what you set out to do and turning around and saying “HA, I DID IT!”

I have always wanted to run a full marathon, so I figure the only way that is going to happen is if I can tackle the 13.1 miles first.  I think I have been waiting for the right marathon to come along and really inspire me….then like magic I see a tweet on twitter from the Hollywood Half Marathon, run with the stars!  So I clicked on their name, followed them and then clicked through to their site…

“This 13.1-mile run takes you through the heart of Hollywood, Studio City, Sunset Blvd, and along the Walk of Fame. Runners are welcome to come as they are, but you’re also encouraged to dress up as your favorite celebrity. And after you’ve run to your heart’s content, travel in comfort to the post-race awards ceremony in a limo party bus shuttle with your fellow runners. Walk down a movie-premiere style red carpet and photo backdrop and celebrate your victory in style when receiving your beautiful Hollywood Star Medal.

Okay, so the party limo, red carpet and glittery star medal got to me.

The Hollywood Half Marathon is Saturday April 7th at 6am. (yikes!)  I couldn’t keep this all to myself so I did what i always do, shared and inspired.   I posted it in the Moms LA Facebook Group looking for some blog superstars to do it with me!  Many probably ignored the post completely, some thought I had lost my mind, some hesitated and some said YES!

Our Moms LA Running Superstars…. drumroll please.

1)Andrea Fellman ,2) Jessica Gootlieb, 3) Jeannine Chanin Penn,4)  Yvonne Condes,5)  Sarah Auerswald, 6) Laura Filipowicz, 7) Jeanne Ponessa Fratello 8) Elizabeth Peterson.

We have 70 days left to train ladies, MOVE IT!

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  1. Way to go!! I ran my first half in October and you’re absolutely right, there’s no better feeling than to set a goal and “I Did It.” Good luck with the training. Stay healthy and have fun!!

  2. Thanks, Andrea – This is going to be fun! Right? Right!?!?! We may be wondering what we were thinking at about mile 8, but by mile 13 it’ll all be worth it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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