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As some of you know I am in the middle of training to run my first half marathon.  I will be running in the Hollywood Half Marathon on April 7th (so excited!)  Well, did you ever think of running a marathon while pregnant?  (yeah me neither) Meet  Sabrina Nwadike who is one of the founders of the Hollywood Half Marathon and one inspiring mama!  She has been competing in half marathons for a little over 2 yrs and get this – all of them while pregnant!!  Yup, so for those of you who think having kids slows you down or even pregnancy for that matter…

 Long Beach Half Marathon – 3 months pregnant

Santa To The Sea Half Marathon: 5 months pregnant
The Los Angeles 13.1:  7 months pregnant
What tips or advice can you give me for running my first half marathon?

1.  Training is key, you have to train.  I ran my first half marathon with no training and everything in my body hurt, it was awful.

2.  Increase your mileage but don’t be afraid to switch it up.  Run 5 miles but then go back down to 3 then run 5 miles then go back down to

3.  Find a running partner or join a training group.  You can find training groups almost everywhere, search for a local one in your area.

4.  You have to find the time and make it a priority.  I’m a Mom and business owner, I know how busy life can get but I find the time.

What shoes do you run in?

I train in Nike running shoes but race in Asics.

What is good to eat the night before running a half marathon and what should I eat the morning of the run?

For dinner fill up on carbohydrates, pasta and bread!
Breakfast should be a light.   Fruit, a bagel and water.  No coffee. I also like to drink a Gatorade Fuel before the run.


If you are in the Los Angeles area and want to register for the Hollywood Half Marathon, 10k,/5k Walk or the Kids Fun Run visit the website for more details!  50 more days to go…

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