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1.  This is my new favorite water bottle and for a very good reason!  Contigo 100%  spill proof water bottles have a very special autoseal technology that makes it totally leak proof.  You simply push the autoseal button for the mouth piece to open, take a drink and then release the autoseal button and it closes.  I’ve tried it, tested it and love it!  $10.99

2.  The newly launched will help you get into the perfect sports bra for your shape, style and activity.  Just fill out the  simple questionnaire and they will suggest the best bra for you and whatever it is that you are doing.  I have a few Champion Sports bras and I have to say they are some of the longest lasting sports bras I own and I have put them to the test!  I love all the color and style options they offer but my favorite cut is the Shape T-Back $38.00

3.  Not sure if you have heard about Nuun but if you are a Mom like me who loves her coffee and wine, you could probably use some electrolytes and an extra dose of hydration.   Nuun are flavored tablets that you just drop into your water bottle or glass and let them dissolve, turning that water into a power source of full of energy  The electrolytes found in nuun will help alleviate cramps, help muscles function, and burn energy efficiently.  They just released Nuun All Day which has vitamins and minerals to keep you going… you guessed it, all day.

4.  My favorite yoga pants on the planet!  I live, eat and breathe in my Victoria Secret yoga pants.  I have tried many others, and nothing compares to these.  The best part, is that they offer three different pant lengths and for me that is the HUGE winning difference.  They are available in 30′ , 32 ‘ and 34’ inch seam.  You have no idea what a life saver this is for my short legs.  Yes, they are made of cotton but I actually run and do spin class in these too.  Some people may not like that because cotton & sweat don’t mix, but I can’t stand lycra pants so I would much rather deal with a little wetness.  2 for $50 🙂

5.  The funny thing about socks, it seems like an after thought but the wrong socks can cause blisters so they’re important.  The one thing to be careful of is if the socks are too low cut, your shoe could rub against your heel and cause irritation, so I like these New Balance running socks because they sit just high enough protect my heel.

6.  When i go walking or running it is nice to bring along your phone, maybe some money or a credit card so I bought this Nathan id belt and it has come in handy so many times.  If you don’t have an armband for your ipod you can also easily put your ipod inside here as well.  It is a a perfect size and not too bulky to wear around your waist.

7.  Everyone has a different preference for workout shoes depending on the activities that you do.  I am not a shoe expert, but I have been running a lot recently and so I have had good luck with Brooks, which got me through my first half marathon.  But I also own a few pair of Asics, which have alwasy been my go-to-shoe.   I suggest trying on a few pairs and even consulting a running store or running specialist for the best fit if you are new to running.



Disclosure:  This is NOT a sponsored post.  I share these products with you to help get you up and moving!   However I was given the water bottle at an event, and I was sent two Champion Sports Bras and the nuun to actually use and try.   I use and love all of these items!

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