Resolution Remix – Bringing New Years Resolutions back this summer!

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New Year’s resolutions are often made and broken within a matter of months if not weeks. It is so refreshing to have a new year and a clean start. We promise to stick to our resolve this time and really drop that last 10 pounds or start losing the 100 (I’ve been there), organize our entire house, make a better and healthier life for our families, read more books, or go shopping less. The possibilities are endless and we have a brand new year to start with a perfect record! Well, that was 6 months ago. How many of your resolutions lasted until January 2nd? or Maybe February 1st? How many goals were brushed by the wayside as your lives got busy with children, work and family obligations?

As we enter the second half of the year we have the opportunity to revisit and remix our goals for the year and jump right back on the train toward accomplishment. The trick to a remix is that it needs to be different than it was before. A different kind of commitment… the kind that will stick. To remix your resolution list and make it fresh and new and ready for action here are a few steps you can take:

1. Find an accountability partner: BFF, Spouse, personal trainer, online support for specific goal.

2. Set attainable goals in 2 to 3 month increments. None of this “I want to be a supermodel in two weeks!” or “I want to remodel my whole house by September.”

3. Set goals that mean something to YOU not other people. If you don’t have a burning desire to meet that goal then it will end up being another mark on the “failure list” that we mentally keep, even if we don’t intend to.

4. Write down your goals and the reasons you want to reach them. This is a wonderful way to look back when you are having a tough day and need some encouragement and a reminder of why you want to reach your goal.

5. Establish a visual reminder that you will see every day that reminds you of your goals. Similar to a “color board” for a designer or inspiration boards for artists, create something that will serve as a check point for you and remind you of what you are aiming for.

6. Set a deadline for the goal and a date to celebrate your achievement. Your celebration should not be in opposition to your goal – like eating an entire chocolate cake after being sugar-free for 3 months… that would defeat the purpose, but rather find something that will celebrate creating a better life. Maybe your celebration is a night away with your partner or spouse, a girls night out, or just some time to pamper yourself a little after the hard work you’ve put in.

Remember to celebrate all your successes and use any hiccups in the road as feedback on your journey to achievement.

What resolution will you remix? Mine is in the works and I am enjoying the journey!


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