Artisan products spread social awareness

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Artisan products promote global awareness

Monthly subscription boxes pop up all the time, and we love the way the boxes introduce new products and ideas we would never have found on our own. GlobeIn offers a subscription box filled with products crafted by artisans that include handmade details you’ll love — with a social message you’ll support. Feel good about pampering yourself with artisan products focused on beautiful, distinct products from around the world.


Watsi and GlobeIn bring you Wellness

We had the opportunity to try the September GlobeIn Artisan Box. GlobeIn partnered with Watsi for the Wellness Box, which was curated with the welcome idea that wellness encompasses physical and mental health, as well as a social connection to those around you. The Wellness Box contains four fabulous products.

  • A GlobeIn Palm Leaf Basket — Made by Dona Martina Garcia and her group of eight artisan basket weavers outside of Oaxaca City, Mexico
  • Blessing Bag — Upcycled from discarded plastic water sachets in Accra, Ghana through ABAN’s Women’s Empowerment Program, which trains women in skills like sewing and fashion design.
  • Eye Pillow — Women from the Shipibo tribe in Peru dye handwoven cotton in mahogany bark and painted using a piece of bamboo dipped in the juice of the huito berry.
  • Baobab Powder — The women of the Atacora Fair Partnership Co-op in Benin produce the nutrition supplement from the baobab tree fruit, which is packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C, probiotics and calcium.

Artisan made eye pillow


Relaxation in a small package

Playing favorites doesn’t seem fair, especially when each part of the Wellness Box is fabulous in its own right. However, as summer dwindled to a close and ushered in the chaos of back-to-school, the Eye Pillow became a must-have for quiet moments of relaxation. Scented with lavender, it calmed my senses and soothed my screen-strained eyes. The Baobab Powder is a welcome addition to our morning smoothies, and I keep finding the Blessing Bag in my daughter’s room — though I keep taking it back.

GlobeIn_Wellness Box

The beauty of the Wellness Box

Curated in partnership with Watsi, the Wellness Box works to extend wellness beyond those receiving the boxes and the artisans producing the included products. 50% of the proceeds from the Wellness Boxes will go to Watsi, a non-profit that funds medical treatments in under-served countries. Watsi connects medical patients with donors via the web, something with a huge impact in low-income countries, where relatively small amounts of money can provide life-changing care.


On the GlobeIn horizon

You can still order the GlobeIn Wellness box — use the code SAVVY to receive 25% off your first month’s box with a purchase of 3- and 6-month subscriptions — but September orders must be placed by September 15 to receive the Watsi-partnered box. Orders placed after that date will begin receiving October’s box, and we can’t wait to see this one in person!


photo credit: GlobeIn

GlobeIn invites you to get Cozy

October’s theme is Cozy, which is perfect as we begin to look toward fall. Even if the weather hasn’t yet shifted to cooler days, there’s something comforting about knowing fall is just around the corner. Your products arrive in a GlobeIn Signature Handwoven basket, which will quickly become one of your favorite places to stow your belongings. The beautiful mug will be perfect for hot cocoa — Divine Cocoa powder included — and the soft blue of the scarf will help you transition to your fall wardrobe.

Remember, you can try the GlobeIn Artisan Box with the code SAVVY to receive 25% off your first month’s box with a purchase of 3- and 6-month subscriptions.

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  1. GlobeIn is such a great company! Their products are fantastic and tasteful. I love the social mission of this company. Definitely worth the money!

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