Thibiant Skincare, Face Saver to the Stars!

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Salma Hayek is on the cover of Lucky magazine this month and in the interview she confesses that in the past she struggled with severe acne and depression.  Reading this made me feel a little sad yet hopeful.  But I also immediately thought, no way.  Because I swear I am the only one that is struggling with this and that my skin is by far the worst on the planet.  How could the gorgeous Salma Hayek ever have acne?  it just doesn’t happen to women like that.

“I had acne. And this acne was so bad, it sent me into a severe, severe depression,” admits Hayek,  and it got so bad she wouldn’t want to leave her apartment.  Read More 

I can sympothize with this all to well.  I have even skipped out on events and social functions because of my skin.  It is agonizing.  I have written about my skin issues only once, because it is not something that I care to talk about, it’s embarrassing and makes me very sad.  So, with that being said I of course have the attitude of “I’ll try anything”  because at some point something or someone will make my skin problems go away.

Which was why i was super excited to be invited to Thibiant Spa in Beverly Hills and even though it is a bit of a hike from my house oh was it soooo worth it!  They treated me with such care and sensitivity.  Everyone was so understanding and gentle, not just in the way they spoke to me but also how they tried to assure me that it is not my fault and that with the proper care they could help.

They wanted to empower me with knowledge not just push me on products.  I also told them about the Vi Peels I had recieved and they agreed that those are great for my type of skin.  They also talked to me about hydrating my skin, so many times with acne we want to dry it up, take away the oils and make it go away.   But then what our skin really needs is more hydration and moisturizer.  I’ve always been hesitant to apply too much lotions to my face for the fear of being oily, but now I am making sure my face is fully hydrated.

The facial treatment I was given at the Spa was nothing short of spectacular!  Thibiant skincare was founded over 36 years ago by international beauty authority Aida Thibiant, who has since retired, but her unique facial methods have earned Aida Thibiant the title of “Face Saver to the Stars”  I was in very good hands!

This facial was a bit different than any other facial I’ve had before.   The woman never stopped working on my face, it was a constant flow of activity.  She applied custom blended creams packed with rich nutrients with botanical extracts, exotic mud, and marine and seaweed extracts – they even gave my face oxygen!   It was incredible.

They sent me home with a few products which I am especially loving the Matte Sense mask.  I haven’t worn a mask in a very long time so it feels really good to be doing that for my face 2 times a week.  It really helps unclog my pores and helps get rid of excess oil and takes away those dead skin cells.

Matte Sense Benefits: Helps to remove deep impurities. Banishes shine and reduces surface oils on the skin. Deep cleansing action with gentle exfoliation. Brightens and refines skin texture. Gentle to skin; will not irritate or aggrevate break outs.   Matte Sense $34.00


The other dream of a product is the VitaSource  ($125.00)  This is a powerful multivitamin and antioxidant for your skin.

Benefits: Helps to diminish the appearance of sun and environmental damage. Multivitamin booster energizes skin. Lightens and brightens the complexion for more even color and texture. Helps revive the look of a more solid skin structure.

I’ve also been using the Matte Balance ($40.00) before I apply my make-up.  I has a SPF of only 10, but my mineral tint foundation from Rae Cosmetics has an SPF of 20 so together I feel totally protected!

Not only have I been using these products but I have been eating much cleaner food, no meat, no diet coke drinking a lot more water and staying away from Sugar! (as much as I can)  Sugar is evil, but that’s another post entirely…

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