The Vi Peel, is this my miracle?

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Okay I have a confession to make and well this post has been a long time coming.  I have put it off because well, it make me very uncomfortable to talk about it.  “It” being my skin.  I have suffered with acne all my life and well, I have tried everything and when I say everything, I mean everything.  You name it I’ve tried it.  I go to a dermatologist regularly, I’m on medication, I have facials, peels, lasers, my skin has been zapped, injected etc… I have never written about this because as someone once put it, it’s my “Achilles Heel”.  It makes me very frustrated, upset, angry and just plain sad.  I have even skipped going to events and social functions because of this problem.  I have shed many tears because of my skin issues, but for the most part I have just accepted it and gone on with my life, knowing I will never have Jennifer Lopez’s flawless skin.

Insert my friend and beauty maven Romy Raves, who wants to help me and give me the skin I deserve.  She introduces me to the Vhi Peel, she says it will change my skin.  I don’t believe it, because quiet frankly, I’ve lost hope.  But, I go to get the Vi Peel done and hope for the best. Doctor Kalil sees my skin and knows right away that I will need more than just one peel but he says we can change my skin.  I think to myself Ok, go for it – knock yourself out.  At this point in my life I don’t care what your rub on my face, even if it is a medically approved acid I just want better looking skin.

The Vi Peel is rubbed aggressively onto my skin while a fan blows on my face.  You think that your face would be on fire and you’d get a burning sensation – but you don’t!  It does however sting around the eyes a tiny bit but that only lasts for about 1 minute.  Doctor Kalil  also tells me that sugar is the real culprit, I cannot have sugar, it is bad, very bad.  My hormones and diet are what are to blame for this, so he also sends me home with the Vi Diet (more on that later).

I go home and do the after care and my skin literally sheds off for 2 days and then my face is glowing, my skin feels soft and I can see that it looks different.  I go back to show the doctor and he is not satisfied, he says I need another one, it’s good but we can make it better.  So  I went back and had another one, same amount of down time and yes my skin looks amazing – not perfect but pretty amazing.

I have had the Vi Peel twice now and I have to say the immediate results are fascinating, but on my skin, unfortuanly nothing is forever.  I need to go back again for another peel and this time he will be trying a higher dose, in which my face will peel twice!

To be continued….

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  1. I am so proud of you gorgeous lady, with the post you are changing lives! Next time post pics please!

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