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I just turned 34, I realize this is not old but I did have my kids early by today’s standards, which I believe is the official kickstart to the aging process!  I am seeing grey hairs, lines and dark circles and well it does not make me feel too sassy.  I have some difficult skin issues as it is so I do not need wrinkle or lines on top of my acne prone skin, trust me.  The one thing my thick german skin did save me from was stretch marks, so that is the one department I was very lucky.

So I jumped at the chance to try Apothederm’s new line of anti-aging products!  I know beauty is from within and we should grow old gracefully… yada, yada, yada.  That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of ourselves and we certainly shouldn’t feel bad about wanting to look and feel good.  The bags under my eyes have just started to bother me, the skin under the eye is so thin and fragile.   I am excited to see how well the Hydrating Eye Cream brightens up this area. I was also given the Bright Skin Serum for my acne/oily skin, I am hoping this helps the overall look of my skin.

Anti-Aging System  $165

We’ve combined our four Anti-Aging products into one kit for each of use and cost savings.  Save 15% when you buy all four products.

WIN IT ladies!  
Each swag bag I am giving away this week includes all 4 of these products from Apothederm!!

This is another Back-to-Mom week Giveaway!
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  1. My skin is very dry in spots and my t zone is unreal. Nothing works.

  2. gets blotchy and dry 🙁 Especially in fall and winter.

  3. My skin seems to have a mind of its own now that I’m older.. I have acne breakout once a month around that time, never had that problem when younger so not real sure what product is best… my skin seems to be normal except in t-zone and that’s oily causing blackheads across my nose, not attractive … starting to get the dark bags under the eye also.. I’m in dyer need of help..

  4. I love to take care of my skin to look beautiful and young. I like Savvy Sassy Moms

  5. my biggest skin dilemma is acne. 😛 I’ll be 37 this month, and didn’t get acne till my 30’s.

  6. my biggest skin dilemma? It’s a toss up between the adult acne and the brown sun spots on my face – which only got worse after pregnancy!

  7. My biggest skin dilemma? Hmm…let’s see. It’s a toss-up between the enlarged pores and the puffy, dark circles under my eyes. This 46-year-old savvy, sassy mom would love to win this anti-aging system!

  8. My biggest skin dilema is that my skin can’t seem to make up its minds as to whether it wants to be dry or oily or both.

  9. My biggest skin dilema is that i have an oily skin:( plus acne 🙁

  10. Mr biggest skin problem is Rosacea. Especially when I’m stressed. I just get tired of the dryness and the flaking.

  11. My biggest skin issue is my pores! Ugh – make them smaller! LOL And at 31 i’m getting a bit of crows feet 🙁 Isn’t it enough to have grey hair and double hip replacements at my age???

  12. Dry skin haunts me! It will go away for a little while and then strike back when least expected. It’s becoming worse since my pregnancy, due to hormones I guess!

  13. My biggest problem is wrinkles are starting to appear and spots like magic. Every day I think wow where did that one come from. 🙂 Following, subscribed and tweeting. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  14. My biggest skin dilema is dry skin, especially in the winter. And prone to break outs. nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  15. I like SSM on Facebook – Natalie Shmigelsky – nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  16. I am subscribed to the newsletter – nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  17. My biggest skin dilemma? My skin is very dry. I use moisturizers everyday but it doesn’t help.

  18. I’m starting to see crows feet. Could that really be happening to me?! 🙂

  19. My biggest skin dilemma is baggy eyes an stretch marks. I am a first time mommy so hopefully I get back into my skin routine to help it out.

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