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I remember growing up and my parents just telling me to be home by dinner time, or when the street lights came on!  Can you imagine doing that today?  Wow, have things changed, because I’m not that old people!   Today it is an entirely different world and while we can use technology to keep our kids safe we also need to be aware of some of the dangers out their in cyber-space. With all of the social networking sites and ways for kids to connect it has become a huge parenting topic as we worry about how much time is spent online and with who.

Safely Social Monitor is a brand new FREE service from Location Labs just one part of a suite of services called”Familyware, which also includes Safely Locate and Safely Drive. It is defined as “software services that increase awareness, improving parents’ ability to communicate with and guide loved ones through each stage of their growth.

Safely Social Monitor is a service that lets you connect with your child’s facebook page and get updated on their activity.  It lets you know who they are interacting with, provides a simple report of their activity and alerts you if there is innappropriate behavior or language.

Safely Drive this technology is pretty darn impressive!  It senses when their phone is in motion and locks it.  The phone will also send out an auto-reply to any incoming calls or text messages letting the person know that they are too busy driving to pick up! (brilliant)

Safely Locate Yup, you can connect your phone with theirs and locate their real location in real time.  So no more saying your at Michelle’s house when she’s really at Brian’s house.  (sorry kids) Safely Locate will also send you alerts when your child got home safely or arrived at school.

Be sure to check out Safely Spotlight which will be a free digital parenting guide with tips and advice for parents navigating their way through parenting today.  This resource will be regularly published and made available on the Safely Facebook page.

Safely Social Monitor is FREE people – sign up today!

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