Healthy snacks for kids

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Healthy snacks, two of the most conflicting words when put together!  Getting kids to eat healthy snacks is a parents daily struggle – its easy to just hand them over the bag of chips.  They make that processed food just so easy comes in when you are short on time, but now there is more healthy, all natural options out there that actually  taste good!

When packing my kids healthy lunches, the one thing I had to learn was to try, try and try again, until you can really find the right healthy snacks your kids will eat and enjoy.  I never thought my kids would LOVE  freeze-dried fruit, but they LOVE it!  Funky Monkey Snacks are “the fruit that crunches” and they are super easy and convenient minus all that junk that typically makes snacks”easy & convenient”.

Check out these 7 Savvy Snacking Tips from the one and only, Funky Monkey!

1.   Where do you come up with the idea for Funky Monkey snacks? 

We were looking for a great combination of delicious, convenient and healthy.  It’s pretty easy to find two of those three, but to find all three in a snack is very difficult.

2.   What are some great healthy snacks that can be made in less than 10 minutes?  

There are lots of great prepared items available now, like freeze-dried fruit, protein bars, and trail mix.  In addition, fruits and veggies with a healthy dip like yogurt or peanut butter are always a good way to go, along with cheese and whole grain crackers.

3.  Is there a way to make healthier versions of kids most favorite snacks like cookies, crackers, popcorn, etc? 

Rather than modify things too much from the original, I prefer to stick with things that are already good for you.  Popcorn is a great option, as long as you look out for the partially hydrogenated oils and you skip the butter.  Crackers are great too, if you choose whole grain and pair them with cheese or peanut butter.  There are so many healthy snacks that kids love – there’s really no reason to look beyond what is already available.  In my house, cookies are a treat, and I’d prefer to keep it that way.

4.   How important is it that children see parents partaking in the healthy snack?

Do you think seeing their parents eat healthy encourages them to eat healthy as well?  Yes, it’s so important that parents model healthy habits, from snacking to exercising!  If we can’t back up what we’re trying to teach our children, they won’t take us seriously.  Healthy habits should be a family activity.  Besides, parents benefit from eating well, too.

5.   What’s a great afternoon snack to pack your kids in their lunch box?

Make your own snack mix to send with your kiddo for an afternoon snack.  Include a healthy combo of nuts, whole grain cereal, and freeze-dried fruit.

6.  What’s a great “pre-practice” snack to give a child energy for lengthy sports practices?

You want to give your child a good combination of carbohydrates to fuel muscles and protein to sustain energy.  Low-fat yogurt is a great choice, especially if you mix in some healthy granola and fruit.

7.   Juices or sports drinks? Which is healthier for kids?

I think you can never go wrong with water!  If plain water is too boring, spice it up with some sugar-free flavor mixers.

What is your healthy snack tips?

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