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Now that the new school year is underway for most of us, it is time to go back to the daily grind of packing lunches, carpooling and homework. And if your kids are anything like mine, then they get tired of daily PB&J sandwiches so I am always on the hunt for creative, yet healthy lunch ideas. Here are some basic and super simple rules I try and remember while creating school lunches to ensure my son is getting the healthiest lunch possible. Keep in mind that my children are not fancy eaters and if I packed my son’s lunch with a couscous, salmon and spinach roll he would scoff and throw it at my face.

Cover all (or most) of the basic food groups
healthy lunch tips

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Remember to try and pack most if not all of the food groups. Which include a protein, a dairy, a fruit, a veggie and a grain.

Kid friendly examples of the basic food groups include:

Apples with yogurt dip and a whole grain ham sandwich with a slice of American cheddar cheese.

PB&J or (PB&Almond Butter) whole grain sandwich, carrots and ranch dip and a cutie orange.

Sunchips, a whole apple and a BLT sandwich on whole-wheat bun with light mayonnaise.

Turkey hotdog in a bun, grapes and crunchy celery sticks.

First Day of School Bento

photo via Bento-logy

If you want to stray away from the everyday traditional sandwich, there is always the popular Bento boxes option as we covered here on Savvy Sassy Moms The Bento Box Lunch CraZe a few months ago. Bento boxes are a great way to pack in tons of nutrition in a fun, bite-sized way that your kids will be sure to love. Not to mention that the possibilities are endless and you can get as creative as your free time lets you.


Pack 100% juices, or better yet pack water. If it is going to be a particularly hot day, I like to pop the juice container in the freezer when I wake up in the morning so that it will be extra cold by lunchtime-that also doubles as an ice pack that will keep the rest of the lunch cool.


I mean, kid’s lunches are just not the same without a chocolate chip cookie or two. Packing a dessert in your kid’s school lunches also helps teach self-control. I have told my son that he can have his dessert once he has finished the rest of his lunch (whether he actually waits or not I have no idea but his lunchbox is always empty when he comes home).

Don’t Forget the Lunchbox!

Any lunch is even tastier in an adorable (or awesome if your child is a boy) lunchbox. Check out these 10 Adorable Lunch Box For Kids picks from Savvy Sassy Mom Esther.

A Little Something Extra
Freebie Love notes from Love From Ginger

Freebie Love notes from Love From Ginger

A little love note written on a post-it note, a special sticker or whatever else you can think of that will tell your child in the middle of their day that you love them and think about them often. My 6 year old actually requested that I do this for him.

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  1. I often wonder about the empty lunch boxes when my kids come home…did they share with a friend or maybe toss something in the trash…? I always ask and they say they ate everything most of the time, but who knows!?

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