Back to Class with Tony Baloney, School Rules

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Ah, the first day of school. We either have fond memories or shutter at the thought of having to go back. I for one fall somewhere in between. I was kind of a nervous kid, and never like the uncertainty that the first day of school brought. Would I be able to find my friends on the playground? Would my favorite art teacher be back? Would my pigtails hold up during PE? All-important questions for any grade schooler headed back to the classroom. Yet the excitement of a new year was always an underlying happiness.Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 12.35.44 AMFor some reason I remember the first day of first grade very well. I went to a private Catholic school, and it was the first year that I had to wear a uniform. I was so excited to put on my green plaid jumper. (Little did I know that, that jumper would become the bane of my existence in sixth grade because it was totally uncool by then). My mom had done my hair in a perfect high ponytail. My new high tops were laced just perfectly and my backpack never looked better. Funny how the rest of the school year is a blur but that one first day of school continues to remain clear as day.


My first day of school photos from freshman year of high school, kindergarten and preschool.

Now, as my son heads off to pre-kindergarten, I see a bit of myself in him. He super excited to be a big boy in a new classroom, but anxious to see if he’ll find the same familiar faces he spent so much time with in summer camp.

So, to ease his worries, we read the new book from Scholastic, “Tony Baloney, School Rules.” The lead character is a charming penguin who’s excited to go to school, so he can get away from his pesky siblings. But when his older sister tells him that school requires students to follow rules, he’s worried that he won’t be able to do it.  What ensues is a first day of school filled with fun, foibles, and unexpected surprises! With its irresistible, highly relatable boy hero Tony, great comic writing, and hilarious illustrations, it’s a shoe in for repeat reads.

“Tony Baloney, School Rules,” is targeted at kindergarten through second grade readers, features brightly colored images, and the humor is perfect for the grade school crowd. And, it will make a great addition to any young reader’s budding library.

Tony Baloney School Rules

Moms, what are some of the most memorable back to school memories you have from childhood?

The writer of this story was given a free copy of Tony Baloney, School Rules, but the opinions expressed are her own.

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