What’s in your lunchbox?

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Going back to school means packing school lunches! What’s in your child’s lunchbox? Include your little ones in this task, even though packing lunch for school may seem boring to them. We want to share some of the most innovative tools to help create a litterless, fresh lunch while adding a personal touch!

Litterless Lunch lunchbox ideas

Litterless lunch at school

Let’s face it, litterless lunches are happening at schools everywhere. Being environmentally friendly is so important to us and our future. Say goodbye to plastic bags and hello to creative and fun silicone lunch bags and adorable storage containers to house your delicious snacks and lunch. To create a litterless lunchbox, we have found the most innovative containers!

Stashers Snack Bags for eco-friendly lunchbox options

Personalize your stashed bags for fun lunchbox notes

Add eco-friendly personalization to your child’s lunchbox

Stasher silicone bags will become your favorite eco-friendly lunchbox option. They keep your food fresh. Use these for various food and household items. We even snagged one from the kitchen supplies and use it for our makeup!

Personalizing these bags replaced our daily napkin messages. We used to write daily messages on our children’s napkins. Now we write a simple message directly on the bag using a dry erase marker and later wash it off using a little elbow grease. Repeat daily for a happy little one! The durable, heat-safe silicone bags wash out beautifully.

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Back to school OXO tot for lunchbox prep

Healthy lunchbox choices to keep moms and kids happy

Creating a balanced lunch has never been easier. By keeping with our eco-friendly lunch theme using long lasting containers, we ensure our children have nutritionally-balanced lunches. We have been using the OXO Tot containers to keep our snacks fresh and crumble-free. Another one of our favorite new and handy tools is the Grape Cutter. Cutting your child’s food to prevent choking in the early years is critical. This tool helps the busy mom on the go cut food easily and quickly.

One step Baby Food Maker Complete for lunchbox smoothies

Our one step baby food maker complete by Baby Brezza helps us add even more fruits and veggies into our diets. We swore by it for making baby food, and now use it to make kids’ smoothies in just the right size. This system goes from kitchen to lunchbox. It comes with everything you need to steam, blend and package the smoothies! Our kids adore these, and we love adding such a healthy snack to their lunch each day!

What are you using to make your child’s lunch packing a success?

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