Moms are event planners by nature, it’s in our DNA

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When you become a Mom no one tells you that you should also prepare to become a super savvy event planner.  Yes, it starts out with Baby’s first birthday (which needs to be perfect) and after that it just snowballs into a bunch of events once the kids start school.  There will be sports team parties, PTA pancake breakfasts, community fundraisers, work related events, Moms night out, kid-friendly holiday parties and the list goes on and on.  So you clearly need a system of how to get everyone to show up to your event and make it successful.

I have used Eventbrite for many of my events and have given the site a full test drive.  I can attest to their friendly customer service;)  The main feature I like about Eventbrite is that you can upload your own artwork, design, logo, school mascot, or event flyer so it is truly a custom invitation.  When I heard that the President of Eventbrite was a woman and a Mom, it didn’t shock me.   It makes complete sense.  So we interviewed the woman behind the scenes, Julia Hartz about being a Mom and running a successful company, something that I hope I am on my way to achieving.  If you have not used Eventbrite this will give you a great introduction to what it can do for you!

 Being a Mom and a savvy business woman what is your biggest daily challenge?

Julia:  Juggling my schedule. Every week the calendar is a puzzle and having to figure out how to make sure everyone is where they need to be. It’s like being the CEO of the house.

I am always calling for help in a panic to cover some tiny amount of time.
My day is packed. Work shorter days and Friday’s off, but it’s back to back on the days I am at work and I have a fear that my daycare is going to call and asking where my daughter is and I will have no idea.

Me:  Any tips for working moms doing the juggling act?

Julia:  A year into Emma’s (3 year old daughter) life, I turned the corner. I don’t know if if I was just more confidence in being a mom and making the right decisions, but I started being open to getting help- I was ready to ask and open to receiving it, not feeling guilty about asking for help. It was a brave moment to get the help I needed!
It’s key to being a successful mom and running a successful company. You have to be able to delegate, collaborate, and hire help.

 What are the 3 key advantages to planning an event with Eventbrite
  1. Visibility and accessibility to all of the data generated about and for the attendees to your event.
  2. Control- the organizer owns their own events. Our interface is designed to be self-service and give organizers full control, but we have an excellent customer service team that is willing to help!
  3. Eventbrite helps you get the word out on your event. The site is designed in such a way that events can be shared on social media. Turns ticket buyers to be your event promoters. Rely on people who really care about you events to build relevance around it and create word of mouth.
Me:  Are there any charitable organizations Eventbrite works with and are there any key features for fundraisers?

 A year and half ago launch Eventbrite for Causes.  For NFPs to leverage the Eventbrite platform. Raising $ through events is any excellent way to raise $ and stretches the affinity and connection of your audience to your cause. It connects the audience in a way that only live events can. They transcend your cause.
Ways Eventbrite helps Not for profits
  • Reduce ticket rate
  • Built-in community around NFP- to share best practices, get tips and support on planning events, access network
  • Eventbrite has helped NFP raise $25 million in the past year and half, since its exsistance.
Me:  What are some of the biggest challenges planners face when hosting an event, and how does Eventbrite help them through it? What tools or analyses do you offer your customers in order to help them pull off a successful event?

 General best practices on tickets. EB just focuses on just tickets sales and not any other aspect of planning. EB has a support staff which has access to analytical and anecdotal advice for customers. They take on a more consultative approach, since events are so specific and personal.  EB can provide help on wording, setting up your event page, ticket types, how to best drive sales. Ease anxiety.  Eventbrite has the best insights, but event owners get finally say.

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