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Can you believe it is September already? Seriously, where did the summer go? No doubt you’ve already stocked up on your kid’s school supplies, but why not check out these super cool back to school apps and links that are sure to get your little students a heads up on this year’s stack of homework. Caution. You might use them yourself.

Google Books: From the Tale of Peter Rabbit to the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, your reading list just got easier to access with Google Books. Available to read on Android and iPhone, desktop and e-readers, never again will a book left at school mean a late book report.

Google Translate: Sitting next to a foreign exchange student in Home Economics? Use Google Translate to help you communicate with your new friend! Simply speak in English and it’ll speak your phrase back to you in Spanish, French, Chinese, or a variety of other languages.

Grammar Guide: If “I before E, except after C,” is the only grammar rule you can remember, you might want to check this one out. It’s a great reference for students as well as parents when proofreading papers.

Project Noah: Think of it as an extension of your child’s science lab. Become a citizen scientist and snap photos of nature and wildlife. Take notes and share with a flora and fauna loving student online community.

How Stuff Works: If there’s one thing kids are good at, it’s asking questions. Just hop on the How Stuff Works app and look up the answer to life’s most burning questions.



Christina Montoya Fiedler is a Los Angeles-based parenting writer, former publicist and mom to a three-year-old boy. Read more from Christina on her blog Mama to the Rescue and follow her on twitter, @cmf2009.

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Christina Montoya Fiedler is a Los Angeles native - born and raised. Before becoming a mom, and writing for various parenting sites so she could be home full time with her son, she was a publicist representing environmentally progressive architects and contractors - one of whom just finished building a home completely out of parts from a Boeing 747. Now that's cool!

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