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My daughter attends a great public school in California and with the state being broke and all, it is no doubt affecting the educational system.  To help alliviate some financial stress in our district a team of parents decided to turn the annual Talent Show into a Fundraiser for the Pasadena Educational Fund.

Last friday night we had a Talent Show, BBQ Dinner and Silent Auction to raise money and we called it Hamilton’s Talent Fest!  I was on the team to help pull this event off.  So naturally, I did what Savvy Sassy Moms do best – got a few great companies to donate a few things so we could do the event at minimum cost.  I just love and respect companies that understand the importance of giving back and helping out Moms and Children.

My husband and I are obssesed with the BBQ flavor popchips and when the fundraising team wanted a “healthy chip” option for the kids I immediatly thought of popchips.  I sent out a few crys for help and well I was rather impressed with popchips.  They sent me 600 bags of popchips!   Not a lot of people at the school had even heard of popchips – so they were all excited to try something new, and the few who had experienced popchips, told me they LOVED them!  I wondered what flavor would be the favorite of the night… not a single bag of Sour Cream and Onion Flavor was left over!

You can’t have Hot Dogs and Hamburgers without the Ketchup!  ConAgra Foods greaciously sent me 20 bottles of their new Hunt’s Ketchupwith NO Fructose Corn Syrup.  Which I had already purchased for my own family just the week before to give it a try, and I was happy to report that it tastes just as good sans the fructose corn syrup.  My good friends over at KingKoneLA also showed up to support the school and they gave back 15% of all Ice Cream Sales that night.  I also commissioned Savvy Sassy Moms own graphic designer to design our T-shirts so we could sell those as well.

Our Fundraiser raised almost $10,000 for the Pasadena Educational Fund and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to popchips, ConAgra Foods/Hunts Ketchup, King Kone LA and my good friend Timmy for helping and supporting me and my community!

FYI:  Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk on Twitter) has been tweeting about popchips and I literally just heard him talking on the Ryan Seacrest Show, that he invested in the popchips company so he could become the official President of “Pop” Culture.  If that is the case then I would like to nominate myself as the “popchips Mom”!  #justsayin

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Disclosure:  These participants gave me their product as adonation and for the sole purpose of fundraising, I share this story and my feelings only to show an example of how good things are happening everyday!   Get involved and don’t ever be afraid to ask for something!

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