White chocolate dipped fortune cookies!

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I may have a new Easter Tradition…white chocolate dipped fortune cookies!  (weird, I know.)

While everyone was running around making Easter Cake Pops, I had another spark of inspiration.    Last week I was out to lunch having Chinese  food and at the end of the meal the waiter brought over a brightly colored fortune cookie.  I had never seen them wrapped before?  As I opened it I discovered this little cookie was dipped in white chocolate!  How very sassy of them? So naturally, I thought what a great project for the kids to do, but I would have them also add sprinkles!  Then I thought, Easter!  I will have them make them for Easter and we will hide them at the neighborhood easter egg hunt!   super easy ,fun and something original!

Where do you buy Fortune cookies?   Smart & Final or Costco  Where do I buy the foil?  Micheals  Then all you need is white chocolate chips, shortening and sprinkles.


Have a good Fortune and a colorful Easter!

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  1. very cute idea, I Love It, and of course I love the pix too….your little one was telling me about your plans for these last week….


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