Celebrity Mom of the Month, Soleil Moon Frye

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With her new book Happy Chaos hitting bookshelves, Soleil Moon Frye is a doing what all Savvy Sassy Moms are doing – juggling modern motherhood while staying stylish and making it looks like a piece of cake!  Soleil is not only a Mom but an entrepreneur running her eco-friendly clothing store The Little Seed, hosting a webseries on Her Say.com, and advocating for causes near and dear to her heart.  Her new book encourages moms to be themselves and to embrace the inevitable madness of raising kids and living a full life.  I am not only in awe of everything Soleil does but I am truly inspired by her!

4 fabulous Tips for living a full yet chaotic life …

Make time for Loved ones:
Whenever it gets too busy, shut everything down and just be with your spouse and kids.  This was exactly what our children needed – and what jason and I needed.  It was time for us to be a family, no work, no babysitters, no distractions from each other.  Carve out that time to just be together.  Everything else can wait.

Effective Communication:
Heart-to-heart talks are great, but when our kids are having a hard time articulating how they are feeling, I will ask them to draw it out.  Rather than send the kids to their rooms to calm down, I’ll ask them to draw me a picture about how they are feeling. 

Being an interactive Parent:
I really believe that the quality time that we spend with our kids makes all the difference in the world.  We must get on the floor and play.  Sometimes we get decked out as eighties prom queens, and other times we just put on the stereo and dance, dance, dance.

Nutrition and Eating Habits:
I try to make food fun and exciting for my girls.  We play games where I have the girls close their eyes, give them tastes of food and have them guess what they are eating – an olive, a piece of cheese, a chocolate covered pretzel.  Then they can experiment with a spoonful of something new as opposed to a whole plate of it.

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