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Okay, unless you have been living under a ROCK!  You know TOMS Shoes – You know… the guy who “For every single pair of shoes he sells, gives a pair to a child in need”  Of course you know him , but his name isn’t TOM it’s actually Blake Mycoskie.  TOMS simply means Shoes for Tomorrow.  This “One for One Movement”  is amazing and with the latest wedge, TOMS is making us look and feel amazing!

Being only 5’4″  – I love heels, but I’m a Mom and some heels are just not sturdy enough for my line of work!  I prefer wedges to give me the height I need but the comfort and stability to chase after my kids.  I saw these beautiful wedges in one of my magazines (can’t remember which one exactly) but it doesn’t matter – I knew I would remember them!  It’s my Savvy Sassy Shoe pick for Summer, so Buy the Wedge

If you don’t know about TOMS Shoes – I am sorry about the rock comment, but you really should watch the video to get caught up!  They have been giving away shoes since 2006.

Now for those of you feeling inspired, creative, love shoes. or just want to help!

You can host your own Style You Sole Party!

Get your Friends, Kids, Church Group, Neighborhood, or school to decorate their own pair of TOMS!


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  1. I had professional pictures taken of my new Tom’s Wedges yesterday. Yes, really. I should have the proofs in a couple weeks.
    Okay, so the photo session wasn’t because of the shoes (it was actually my daughter’s 9 month pics), but while we had the very expensive photographer and my new favorite shoes in the same location…

  2. Those are SOOO cute!! Out of my budget, boo 🙁

  3. I’ve been meaning to get a pair of these. Keep forgetting. Except I’d be well over 6 feet tall in them. Which is ok, since hubs is 6’6″ but STILL. 🙂

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