8 holiday headbands for girls

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I’m a headband enthusiast. The right headband can pull together an outfit, rescue a bad hair day, or add a little bit of sophistication. So when I was out shopping with my three-year-old daughter and wandered past the accessories section in a woman’s store, I thought, why not for my little girl too?  Turns out a cute headband can transform a girl’s outfit from cute to super-cute instantly!  Or if my daughter’s having one of those “I-refuse-to-brush-my-hair” days, it makes the rats nest look a bit more presentable. Headbands are also the perfect holiday accessory to go with all those gorgeous holiday dresses and for family pictures!

Check out these headbands for you and check out these headbands for her!

1. Stacked bow headband $14.95, The Gap 2. Fabric rose headband $4.95, H&M 3. Girls’ petal headband $31.50, JCrew 4. Floreado headband $30.00, Tea Collection 5. Girls’ double flower headband $16.50, JCrew 6. Shabel feather headband $15.00,  Aldo 7. Vintage inspired headband $12.50, Etsy 8. Girls’ plaid flower headband $18.50, JCrew

Do you accessorize your little girls’ outfits for the holidays? 

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