Kids helping Kids: The African Children’s Project

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This homeschool year I wanted my children to do something more.  Not more worksheets or spelling test, but more for others. Showing my kids that others in this world do not have the same lives as we do is really important.  They know that not every child is as fortunate as they are to live in a loving home, with loving parents.

On more than one occasion I have been asked,“Mom when can we adopt?” 

That is why I decided to get my kids involved with raising money for The African Children’s Project.  A non profit organization dedicated to helping orphaned African children suffering with HIV and AIDS.

With an empty plastic mayo jar in one hand and a ACP bumper sticker in the other I announced to my kids one August morning that they had a new job.  I pulled the backing off of the bumper sticker and placed it on the jar, and told them that for the next year they would be raising money for The African Children’s Project.  All three of them wanted to know the details right away.

For the entire school year they are responsible for filling up the jar with their own money.  They can use money they get from a birthday, the tooth fairy, or money they find in the bottom of the washing machine.  In our house if you leave money laying around it some how magically belongs to our kids.  The number one rule: Once the money is placed in the jar it no longer belongs to anyone in our house it then belongs to an orphan in Africa.”Why do they need our money?”  was the main question.
Instead of just talking about why I turned and opened up
the ACP website on my notebook to show them the why.

Seeing the African children’s faces helped them to connect to who they would be raising the money for and opened up their little hearts.  A few days into our project all three of them emptied the entire contents of  their piggy banks and placed it into the ACP Jar.  Not because they had to,but because they wanted to help another child 7,566 miles away.  Kids have the biggest hearts on this planet.  If we show them how they can use them to help others we have done well as parents.

So you don’t homeschool your kids, no big deal, you can still get your kids involved in helping others.Here are a few others your families might also enjoy:

Any age is appropriate to help another. These organizations, and others like them, would love to have you and your family apart of  making a difference in someone else’s life.

How do you teach your children about helping others?This post was written by Savvy Sassy Moms contributor Tifaine, you can find her at

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