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Persnickety Clothing combines fashion and philanthropy

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Persnickety Clothing is more than kids’ fashion

Falling in love with the children’s clothing from Persnickety Clothing is simple — their tagline of “fancy little frocks” is hard to resist. From beautiful fabrics in whimsical combinations to the sort of comfortable fit that allows girls to move, dance, and run throughout the day, Persnickety Clothing will quickly become a favorite in any little girl’s wardrobe. The company, however, is so much more than a clothing company.

Princess foundation collaboration

Buying Is Giving™ is one way Persnickety gives back to children in need

Persnickety Clothing company gives a portion of the proceeds from every piece of clothing purchased to children in need. The Buying Is Giving™ program works to provide for children in need in a variety of ways. The company donates school uniforms, which can be the difference between a child attending school and staying home. They donate food and support orphanages, and they provide clothing to impoverished children.

See a few gorgeous pieces from Persnickety Clothing we absolutely adore.

Persnickety partners with Millie’s Princess Foundation

Millie Flamm, who was diagnosed with leukemia when she was four years old, wanted to be a fashion designer. Persnickety Clothing helped Millie realize her dream, developing a custom-designed dress made from Millie’s own drawings. Millie passed away in 2013, but her spirit and courage live on through Millie’s Princess Foundation. The foundation is a 5013c organization with the mission of “providing financial relief to cancer families and building a community awareness campaign in behalf of those children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.”

Persnickety Clothing

Touched by Millie’s story and their collaboration with the brave Cancer Warrior, Persnickety Clothing is dedicated to partnering with Millie’s Princess Foundation to create a new, custom-designed dress each year. This year’s dress was designed by Cami, Millie’s best friend and fellow Childhood Cancer Warrior (Persnickety Clothing, $78). Proceeds from the gold dress, the color that signifies raising awareness of — and desperately needed funds for — the fight against childhood cancer, will benefit families battling child cancer.

Persnickety Clothing

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

We can’t think of a better time to promote such a passionate, important cause, and we admire the way the Rickenbach family is combining their family business with philanthropic opportunities. We hope you’ll browse — and purchase from — the Millie’s Princess line at Persnickety Clothing. The company, led by Craig and Corrine Rickenbach, embodies generosity and a heart-felt desire to make a difference, one purchase at a time.

Learn about K.I.D.S., a charity determined to make a difference in kids’ lives by providing baby products to impoverished families.


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