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If you haven’t discovered Totsy yet, please let us introduce you to one of our favorite deal sites. It’s perfect for savvy moms looking for great deals on products for their kids at an affordable price – often greater than 50% off of retail!

Add in the fact that they also offer deals on clothing, shoes and accessories for mom as well as items for the home and you have a one-stop shop that allows you to scour the proverbial sale shelves without leaving the comfort of home. Who wants to tempt fate with toddlers in tow when you can peruse deals during nap time? Not me!

The only downside? If you wait too long to click “purchase” you may miss out. Those deals can sell out fast and they change out just as fast, so check back often.

Our favorites at Totsy this week (that had yet to sell out before this posting) include:

Infant shoes at a fraction of their normal cost…

fun fedoras for your fashion forward older children,

Swimsuits just in time for beach weather,

And a little something that might fit the bill for date night.


What’s’ even more exciting is they’re expanding on their deals even more. Today’s deal is starting off with a Totsy Travel sale! Think you can’t make that summer vacation happen? Maybe this will make it feasible! Totsy will be running deals on Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Sante Fe, New Mexico which both sound like a dream.

Additional upcoming sales that we can’t wait to check out in the next 24-48 hours include:

  • Raquel K Couture Handbags
  • Barbecue Time  – all things Barbecue to get you ready for the summer BBQ season!
  • Hello Kitty Flip-flops & swim wear
  • Secretly Spoiled super chic fashions for your daughters
  • Gund huggable characters to include Sesame Street friends, undersea characters, and hugger bears
  • Imagine Toys – construction sets and dress up toys
Have you discovered Totsy? 



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own.  We share this savvy shopping website with you because it’s a fashionable, fun and saves Moms money!  


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