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Last week I headed to New York City on official business.  Toy business that is.  I attended Time To Play‘s spring showcase and got a first hand look at all the great toys that will keep the kids busy this summer.  Now, I hate to bring up a sensitive subject but gender specific toys was brought up due to the “girl” LEGO Friends, that launched earlier this year.  Which, my daughter has and loves.  I think this debate over boy toys vs girl toys or boy colors vs girl colors is a little ridiculous. Boys and girls are different, therefore their toys might be different.  Having a girl and a boy I witness just how different they are every day, even how they play.  But, at the end of the day, they really just want to play.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I really liked all the “boy” toys at the show. Now, would my daughter like some of them?  Yes of course, but some she might not have any interest in and that’s okay too.  People always say that girls clothing is so much cuter than boys, well I kinda think that is true for toys.  Boys toys are so much more fun than girls….


1.  Rockboard Scooters  I must have been living under a rock because this was my first time seeing these scooters, and they are amazing.  There is no kicking with this scooter, no batteries or gas either, just a simple up and down motion of the base board makes these move!  The original rockboard scooter won the Toy of the Year award in 2011 and now the mini has won for 2012.  The original is for ages 8+ and the Mini is for the smaller tots 4+.  Look it comes in pink, so girls can ride it too;)

2.  Monsuno  This is the must have battle ground for boys.  There are hundreds of collectible characters that fit into a capsule and when they are released out onto the battlefield they pop open.  The object of the game is to knock out your opponents monsuno.  The game does have rules and playing cards for a more in depth way to play, or you can just let them battle it out freestyle.

3.   Scatter Brainz by Jakks  This toy is not out yet, but it is sure to be popular with the boys.  It’s basically a brain bazooka that let’s you lock and load little men with exposed brains, that stick to the wall.  Gross but fun.  There is also a bullseye poster for you to shoot and aim at if you want to add up points and play to win.  This will retail for only $14.95 which makes that perfect birthday gift for under twenty bucks!

4.   Zing Air Bows and Cross Bows – Probably my favorite of the show.  Maybe it’s the Hunger Games phenomenon and my Katniss coming out,  but I loved shooting these.  These have some real force!  This is the type of toy that you send the kids to the backyard with and you don’t see them for hours.  They can be launched up into the air for a long flight or aimed at a bullseye poster board and yes, I hit a bullseye.  Obviously these are for older kids and you will need to reinforce that they are never aimed at anyone.

5.  Razor FlashRider 360  of course there is the ol’ classic big wheel but this takes a three-wheeler to a whole new level.  The FlashRider 360 turns and drifts on dual inclined caster wheels but adds a spark bar. Now kids can spin 360 degrees and pull down on this lever to create sparks.  Can a three-wheeler get any better?    Watch the video of the Razor Flash Rider in action!  I opted not to show this video to my son for the fear of hearing the “I want that” for days on end.


Great Summer Birthday Gifts:

Crayola’s colored bubbles and colored bubble machine.  Don’t worry Moms they have corrected the formula and these new and improved colored bubbles will not stain!

Just when you thought sidewalk chalk couldn’t get any better they not only have 3D but kaleidoscope glasses that pixelate your art.

Honorable Mention: Little People Wonder Woman w/ invisible Jet.  Why?  Because it’s wonder woman and girls can fly jets too!

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  1. I really want that Wonder Woman jet! I’m sure my daughter would love it too ;).

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