10 Awesome Superhero Finds for Boys

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He’s never read a comic book or watched superheroes battle it out on a TV show or in a movie, but my four year old considers Iron Man, Spiderman, Superman and other superheroes just about the coolest things on the planet. He’s amassed a bunch of superhero stuff, and I’m always on the hunt for toys and other children’s items that satisfy his superhero craving in whimsical or unique ways.

The appeal of superhero toys

He likes pretending he can save the world, fly and shoot magic webs from his fingers, and he’s too cute to rain on his imagination parade quite yet. These ten superhero finds are clever, fun additions to your boys superhero wardrobe, home and playroom.


Superhero posters

The Two Fish Project shop offers geometric interpretations of superheroes — and princesses — that make perfect prints for your superhero-loving child (Etsy, $15). The prints are simple enough not to overwhelm the room, and they look fantastic in a photo grouping. My son chose Iron Man, Superman and the Green Lantern — they’re living, framed, on his dresser until we can agree on a paint color!
Superhero Cups with Capes

Superhero Pint Glasses with Capes

Keep your superhero hydrated with Batman & Superman Pint Glasses (Nordstrom, $12). He’ll love the cape, which can be removed for washing.


Stride Rite Captain America Shoes with Wings
Stride Rite Captain America Shoes

Captain America shoes for boys will keep your little guy running as fast as lightning (Nordstrom, $35). The easy slip-on style is perfect for going in and out the door all summer long, and they make it easy for little hands to dress themselves.


Superhero stuff
Superhero peg dolls

Kids love carrying their favorite toys with them wherever they go. The superhero peg dolls from Princess and Protector are just under four inches tall and fit easily into little hands (Etsy, $24 for 4).


Captain America T-Shirt for boys
Superhero T-Shirts

Under Armour has come out with an entire line of superhero sports shirts for boys (Nordstrom, $27). The tees are fierce enough for saving the world and made from moisture-wicking material to keep summer sweat at bay.

Superhero gear

Batman™ gadgets for kids on the move

Batman’s a superhero with all sorts of fun gadgets, so these Batman headphones are a must-have for superheroes-in-training (Pottery Barn Kids, $23). The headphones match all of the Batman gear in the Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie collection, so you can stock up on backpacks and lunch gear all emblazoned with the iconic Batman logo.

Superhero Capes

Personalized superhero capes

Find the perfect cape for your superhero through this Etsy Shop that not only makes capes but superhero masks and superhero wristbands. There is something magical when a child puts on a cape, they believe they have the power to do and become anyone!  Which is why we love these capes, because they’re not a specific superhero, so the child can become their own unique superhero self.

Superhero Placemat

Personalized Superhero Placemats

Even superheroes make a mess, but that doesn’t mean you should have to spend twenty minutes cleaning up after dinner each night. Keep your table neat with a Superhero Placemat, available for personalization (Etsy, $10).


Superhero Cookbook


Superhero Cookbook

The Super Hero Cookbook has over 50 recipes based on superhero logos and colors (Amazon, $17). The simple recipes are sure to please even the pickiest eater and make you the coolest mom at the neighborhood BBQ.

Are your kids into superhero stuff?


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  3. Why “for boys”? Why can’t girls enjoy superheroes as well?

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