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Have you ever found a website and then spent the next few days clicking around, dreaming of everything you’ve seen, and wanting to buy almost every item on it?


Well this happened to me  a few weeks ago. I found the site French Blossom via a link I saw on twitter, and now I want absolutely everything on the site.

French Blossom carries items that are all from French Designers – from baby gear, clothing, accessories, room decor, home, design, for both girls and boys. The colors are soft, the styles are simple and luscious and every thoughtfully chosen item is just well..oh so French.

Trust me on this – you too will want to travel to the land of of Eiffel Tour, fine fabrics, amazing food, clean lines, and classic styling when you visit French Blossom. Your Parisian baby will thank you.


French Kids Accessories


I love their selections of art supplies and papers. My girls will go crazy over all of this.

French kids decor


Even though we just redecorated our kid’s rooms – I now have the urge to go with a French motif and start all over again. How dreamy are these home decor items?


French designer clothing for kids


French fashion is clean and elegant and I think I need all of these items in our closet today.


French Toys


Whimsical, fresh, classic and fun can only describe these lovely toys that will become heirlooms one day.

How about you, doesn’t French Blossom give you some French inspiration?

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Tracy is the mother of three girls and works as a freelance writer and in the children's fashion industry. She loves finding and shopping for the latest trends yet keeps her closets full of classic and whimsical styles and loves to scour thrift stores. Tracy enjoys running, traveling, baking, shopping, drinking red wine, wearing high heels and telling really bad jokes to her children. Blog


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