Cool Valentine’s Day clothing for boys

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Lets hear it for the BOYS, they need some Valentines love too!  I mean, they do give some of the best hugs and kisses ever.Our sons might not be all that pumped about dressing up in hearts, but I think they’d be  just fine with this line up of cool Boys Valentines Apparel.

Dads lock up your daughter’s because these boys are sure to break some hearts this Valentine’s Day!

1.I’m Taken Dino Heart Socks by Gymboree 2.Skeleton Heart T by Cafe Press 3.The Ladies Love Me by Cody’s Boutique 4.He Wears His Heart on His Sleeve by Once Upon A Story 5. Heartbreaker Breifs by Gymboree 6. Kisses 25 Cents by Sew Chicks 7. Grey and Red Hearts for You by Antsy Pants 8.Ahoy,Valentine! by Crazy 8 9. Red Hot Chuck Taylors by Converse

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