How to keep the kids Active this Winter

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With all the wild winter weather, getting kids out to play and burn off energy can be difficult.  So what’s a mom to do to keep the kids physically active during the winter months?  You have to get creative Mom!

7 Savvy Sassy Fit Tips for Kids

1Kids Yoga   The morning is a perfect time to do some yoga, while you wait for that coffee to brew!  I met the owner of Playful Planet and their Storytime Yoga DVD’s are award winning.  They’ll take your kids on a magical journey and keep their interest!  Children LOVE it!

2.  Sargent Simon Says  Boot camp for kids!  Get them moving by using jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups and running in place and crawling on the floor.  “Sargent Simon” says give me 10 jumping jacks,  Sargent Simon says give me 10 push Ups!  Run in place – Sargent Simon didn’t say!!!  Make them run the stairs and do lunges too!

3.  Dance Party  Turn the music on and shake your groove thing!  Freeze dance is always a kids favorite or have them copy whatever moves you do.  If you have older kids their is planty of dance party Wii games like Just Dance 2 to get them up and off the couch.

4.  Obstacle Course You know,  just like the one you navigate your way through everyday over those things that are suppose to be put away.   Use toys, pillows, blankets, chairs, the laundry basket and couch cusions and anything else to make them jump over, crawl under and pick up.  It’s amazing how jumping over couch cushions and stepping up and of off chairs can get those little hearts racing!

5.  Nick Fit  The one good thing about technology and the Wii is they have created some very active games for the whole family and now even the toddlers can get in on the Wii Fit action with Nickelodean Fit.  The kids can do 30 activities along side some of their favorites like The Backyardagians, Dora, Diego and Kai Lan.  The games and activities promote strength, balance, coordination and a healthy heart!

6.  Leapfrog & Wheel Barrel  This is a game that could go on and on and on, all the way around the house.  If they have some friends over this works best with at least 3 or 4 but you can use other items as frogs to jump over.  If they get tired of jumping over each other or there are one too many crashes, then make lily pads for them to jump to.  Another fun way to work some arm muscles with wheelbarrel.

7.  Kung Fu Panda  This is a good one for Dad!  He can really get the kids ryled up and even sweating, yes I’ve seen it happen!  Whatever you want to call it in your house, have the kids channel their inner Kung Fu Panda, but please use caution and be gentle.  My husband likes to really get into this and make all the sounds and arm moves as possible, the kids think it is super fun and they get a great active workout in.

BabyCenter is helping spread the word about Childhood Obesity and I have taken the Pledge to keep my kids active for 30 minutes a day, rain or shine!  I hope you will take the pledge with me!

Visit the First 5 California Community on BabyCenter and take the pledge.  The first 5 yrs of our children’s early development is so important, let’s help get them off on the right foot!


Be Savvy. Be Sassy.  Take the Pledge! 


Please leave me a comment letting me know you took the pledge or leave a  Savvy Suggestion of how to keep Kids Healthy and active!  – You just may win a Savvy Sassy Suprise!


*Disclosure  This post was sponsored by a BabyCenter Campaign.  All of these savvy suggestions are my very own.

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  1. We got Just Dance 2 for Christmas, and boy, is that a good workout! The kids and I took turns picking songs and beating each other. My 8 yo daughter won the Monster Mash, but I kicked her butt with Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary”. Whew – sweating just thinking about it. Time to get offline and dance again!

  2. I like to make sure the kung fu is all “air fighting” when possible so the kids can show their awesome moves without knocking each other out. Of course, there is still the occasional light saber to the face.

  3. I love the idea of the obstacle course. Sounds fun and great for the winter months indoors. My husband has been doing the Kung Fu Panda recently. Now at night when I read the Grumpy Ladybug to my kids, my daughter hits me everytime I read, Do you want to fight. It is hysterical. I told hubby I can’t read that book anymore as it has become dangerous. Thanks for all the great tips! I am heading over now to check out the pledge.

  4. We love doing obstacle courses at our house. We have even involved the dog (Golden Retriever) in some of them, by seeing who can outrun our dog to a toy throw. There’s always a crash and a roll and it’s never the dog. Great ideas!

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