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Feel better faster with online health care from American Well

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American Well
American Well
Getting sick is inconvenient

Staying healthy with two school-aged children is like walking a tightrope. There are always germs floating around, and even the strictest preventative measures — lots of hand-washing, vitamins, talks about not sharing food or drinks with friends — don’t always work. When one of the four of us starts to feel sick, we up the prevention and try to decide if a doctor’s visit is worth the inconvenience, especially because we’re still seeing our original pediatrician… the one who isn’t located particularly close to our new house.

Online health care keeps you connected

Doctors used to make house calls and thanks to online health care, they can again. If you don’t have a family doctor you love, or the time to visit your favorite provider, quality health care can come directly to you — via your computer, phone or tablet. American Well is an online health care service that connects you with doctors from family physicians to therapists. Ask questions, express concerns and get a diagnosis all from the comfort of your home — even if you’re feeling like you can’t get out of bed. Online visits last about 10-minutes, which gives you a lot of one-on-one time with a physician.

American Well

American Well offers quality online health care

American Well isn’t only about chatting with a medical provider when you’re sick. Online health care can also help you with nutrition questions and even therapy issues. While online health care can be used from the comfort of your couch, it doesn’t have to be. Add the app to your most-used tech devices and know the expertise of a medical professional is at your fingertips, even when you’re away from home.

Check out the way one little boy benefited from the expertise of an online health care provider when his family was traveling:

How American Well can help busy moms

One of the most difficult things in our house when sickness hits is coordinating visits to the doctor with everyone’s schedules. I’m never sure whether to send one of the kids to school if the other is sick, and Dylan’s preschool schedule makes it hard to schedule sick visit appointments for Abbey during a time when he wouldn’t have to come with us. In the midst of sick-child season — it’s a thing, right? — bringing a not-yet-sick child into the sick waiting room at the doctor’s office makes me jumpy.

After filling out a quick health assessment, I was able to chat with a doctor about Abbey’s symptoms. I chose the “first available” doctor, but I like that if I wanted, I could search by different specialties and read reviews on specific doctors — simple graphics let you know which doctors are currently available to consult. Thankfully, I was reassured she was afflicted with a slightly annoying, but not terribly serious, gastrointestinal virus. I forgot to ask if they had any advice for getting the non-sick child to leave the sick one alone to rest. After a little rest — and a lot of fluids, one of the suggestions provided by the online doctor — she was ready to join her brother outside.

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American Well


How do you think your family would benefit from online health care?


American Well




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