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If you have children, there’s no doubt there’s been times that you’ve laid awake at night wondering about their future. Questions range from as simple as, “What will they be when they grow up,” to “What will happen to them if something ever happens to me?” Whatever the case my be, there’s no better time to start saving than now.  TrustEgg combines the simplicity and security of a trust fund with the power of social networks to create a revolutionary child savings program.

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With TrustEgg, you can start saving for your child’s future with just a few clicks – and whether they choose to use it for college, starting out as an adult or maybe their first home, you can be confident your money will grow and be available for them when they truly need it.

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How TrustEgg Works

Here’s how it works. First sign up for TrustEgg and open a protected account for your child. This first step literally takes just a few minutes and it’s totally free.  Next, start adding money to your child’s account. There are no minimums or maximums and you can even start with just $1. Now here’s where it gets better. You can invite people to contribute to your child’s account. TrustEgg lets you send an invite to friends and family so they can deposit money directly into your child’s account.  It’s totally hassle free and a GREAT alternative to traditional birthday and holiday gifts.

As an example, my son just turned five and I gave birth to another bouncing baby boy about 9 weeks ago. As you can imagine, our tiny Los Angeles apartment is packed to the gills with toys, games, and new baby stuff. Literally, we do not need any more “things.” What we do need is a way to start saving for these little dudes’ futures. TrustEgg is a great recommendation for our family and friends who want to help and give a gift that will help make a difference in their lives.

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The money you put into TrustEgg is invested into a mutual fund and will grow at the market rate of return. When your child is 18, they can access the money for any expenses that come with starting out in the world.  Here’s an example. If you start saving $100 a month for your 2 year old, your net savings for your child will be $32,109 by the time your child is 18. Now that’s a savvy savings plan!

Moms, how are you saving for your child’s future?

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