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So, Gizmodo wants to challenge me?  {sigh}  I guess I’ll play along, because hey I don’t have enough shit to do.  Afterall, being the most influential Mom online is a lot of work people.

Let me fill you in…

Today I was alerted to this article on Gizmodo.  When I quickly glanced and saw the headline all I saw was “Dumb, Internet, Mom” I have to admit, I got a little nervous.

I scanned the article quickly and realized they were picking on Klout.  Phew.  As I kept going further down the page I saw why my boss at BabyCenter sent it to me asking, “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS ????????”  And yes, she used 8 question marks.

To prove that Klout has no social measurement merit Gizmodo has decided to take me out.  Why me? Because according to Klout I am the #1 Influential Mom.  And while I do not know how they even come to this conclusion, I hear there is a lot of math involved,  who am I to question it?

No matter what you think about Klout scores I do think I am influential about Moms.  Do I think I am #1 in the world? No. But I have worked my savvy sassy ass off creating an amazing online presence and I’ll be damned if I am going to sit back and watch Kyle Wagner, “Gizmodo’s burrito loving, Twitter-challenged, computer-losing, editorial assistant” become not just an expert but the leading expert about moms online!

I know Gizmodo’s issue is not with me, but I would rather not let Kyle the “drunken 20-something blogger” become the Internet’s Most Respected Mom.  And I know you all don’t want that either.

So,  let’s play their game. The article says,  “Right now Kyle is influential on the topics of Alcohol, Laptops, and Johnny Depp.”  Imagine that!  We have something in common … a love of Johnny Depp.   I’ve interviewed Johnny Depp for ivillage so obviously that makes me an Johnny D expert, no?

Let’s see if we can use OUR influence to help me become “influential” about Johnny Depp.  It will be fun. Maybe Johnny will even play along.

Of course, I do understand that if I do succeed and actually become most influential person on the subject of Johnny Depp and if  (highly unlikely) Kyle becomes most influential about Moms, they will have made their point about Klout. But remember, I will have also proven that I do have social media influence.

In other words …   Bring. It. On.

So my friends, here’s how you can help defend the honor of influential social media moms everywhere …

Visit My Klout Page and +K me for Moms and Johnny Depp.

*Click see all for the rest of my topics go to Johnny Depp and +K

Please tweet me  @savvysassymoms in your support using the hashtag #Moms or #JohnnyDepp or both of them together;)

What ever you do do not tweet with Kyle. Ever. I mean it. I’m watching you.

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  1. I’d love to help a sister out, but I abandoned Klout about 6 months ago. Because Klout is bullshit.

  2. I have to tell you. I deleted both my company and personal accounts on Klout. . I can’t participate. I’m sorry.

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  4. Okay, I played! Gave +K in both 🙂 You clearly “know” moms so I was happy to help! My issue with Klout is that the bigger I get the harder it is to get a higher Klout score. With 18K likes on facebook and 25K on twitter I don’t get the same % of participation as I did when I was a lot smaller.

  5. Andrea- I’m in, though I think one of us needs to sleep with Johnny Depp to make your expertise legit. I would take that bullet for you! Yes, I’m a good friend, I know.

  6. Take it easy, Jenny… Andrea’s husband helps her with the admin on the site and sees some of these comments. (So, that leaves just *YOU* sleeping with JD – sorry)

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