5 Thermometers for babies and kids you need for winter

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Everywhere you look someone is sniffling or sneezing and there’s no escaping preschool germs, which only means one thing: It’s cold and flu season again. Have no worries, Mom, for I’ve put together a list of five really awesome thermometers for babies and kids that just might make this round of fevers a little less terrible for everyone.

The Best Thermometers for Babies

1. FeverFrida by FridaBaby

From the people that brought your the NoseFrida comes the FeverFrida Thermonitor, a wearable thermometer that gives continuous monitoring for up to 24 hours. Worn just under the armpit, this thermometer sends your app-enabled device a new reading every 4 seconds. Plus, it will also alert you of a fever spike and even remind you that Baby is due for a dose of medicine. 

I will warn you that getting started is a bit tricky and, at times, confusing. The app is a tad bit hard to understand at first. However, there is free online chat help via the Fridababy website, available Monday through Friday. They are super helpful and very patient… trust me.

Overall, once I got the hang of it, I found it to be pretty accurate and definitely a step up from a traditional thermometer. My favorite thing was being able to check the reading log to see her changes in temperature over night. So handy. (FeverFrida Thermonitor, $70)

 Which Thermometer is Best for Your Baby?
2. Pacif-i

They say necessity is the brith of invention and it’s certainly true for this husband and wife team out of the UK. With zero engineering experience (she was a teacher and he a banker), they set forth to create the first thermometer housed inside a baby pacifier. What they came up with is a sleek Bluetooth and GPS-enabled pacifier that links to an app on your smartphone.

Other awesome perks of the Pacif-i is the ability to keep a record of your child’s medicine, track historical data and send this information via email to your pediatrician directly from the app, and if you ever, ahem, misplace the Pacif-i, it will beep to let you know where it’s hiding. Too far far to hear the beep? Track your Pacif-i through GPS on the app. Genius.

In the end, if your child is a binky baby, this is an truly game-changing way to take their temperature. However, keep in mind that if they are partial to a certain brand or type of pacifier, this might be a hard sell. The Pacif-i is available in green or orange, works with both iOS and Android and comes with a 1-year battery. (Pacif-i, $59)


3. Thermo by Withings

The Thermo by Withings was the talk of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, even being awarded a 2016 CES Innovation Award Nominee and for good reason. The Thermo takes temporal thermometer technology to a new level with its modern design, ease of use and increased accuracy thanks to its 16 infrared sensors, which take 4000 measurements in only 2-seconds. The Thermo will be available to the public March 2016, but be sure to sign up on their website to be informed of updates. (Thermo, $100)

5 High-Tech Baby Thermometers

4. FeverScout

The Fever Scout is another wearable thermometer, but what sets this one apart is that it’s a single, low-profile sticker (unlike the FeverFrida which is a plastic disk under an adhesive patch) that can be worn up to 3-days on a single charge. So yes, it’s rechargeable. Other features that make this thermometer outstanding are the history log, journal option, alerts and notifications of fever spikes, a share button that will allow you to text, email, or airdrop tempature information, and a connectivity range of up to 16-feet. Fever Scout comes with the patch, charging dock, 10 adhesives and the free Fever Scout app. (Fever Scout, Spring 2016, $59)

Thermometers Your Kids Will Actually Want to Use

5. Kinsa Smart Thermometer and Smart Ear Thermometer

The Smart Thermometer and Smart Ear Thermometer have become the go-to fever-takers in our house and I’ll tell you why: With a fast and simple setup and an easy to use app, this is just one of those things that’s a no-brainer. Everytime you grab it you know it will work and you know it will be accurate. Like the others on this list, the app allows you to log medications, keep temp records and give each family member their own profile for quick and easy reference. On top of all that, there is a fun interactive bubble popping game that kids can play while waiting for their reading to be done. It seems like such a small thing but becomes a game changer when you’re dealing with an unhappy and sick child. (Kinsa Smart Thermometer, $25 and up)

Which one are you excited to try?




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  1. Nice article you have introduced for babies. Oral thermometers are best for kids at least 4 years old who can safely hold a thermometer under their tongue for the time required to get an accurate reading. The only thermometer that’s been somewhat accurate for us is the temporal thermometer. The tips above are so helpful especially to the new moms, who do not have any idea on how to buy a thermometer for their family. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

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