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As a naturally worrisome person, nothing maxes out my stress-meter like a sick child. Even more so, a sick small child who can’t tell me whats wrong. If you’re anything like me, your thermometer has many miles on it, which is why I jumped at the chance to check out the Kinsa Smart Thermometer.

Smartphone-Friendly Thermometer
Introducing the Kinsa Smart Thermometer

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is a super sleek stick thermometer that uses the power of your cell phone (both Android and iOS), allowing it run at 2500 times the processing power of a regular thermometer.  All of this means that it’s crazy fast at figuring out how high your child’s temp really is, all while being easy to use, light enough to keep in your diaper bag and battery-free. Whether you’re using it on the baby, or your husband, you can rest assured in knowing the results are accurate since the Kinsa exceeds the ASTM and ISO standards for professional accuracy. How’s that for smart?

Set up and use

I generally tend to be a pretty tech-savvy person so I wasn’t particularly concerned with the set up being difficult, but in the end was actually really impressed at how clear and simple the entire process was. Thinking maybe it was just me, I handed the box to my husband and asked him to do it without any prior instructions. Less than two minutes later I got the thumbs up. The setup instructions are extremely clear and, as you can see from the picture, they actually show you what it should look like. It’s virtually impossible to do wrong.

How to Use the Kinsa Smart ThermometerUsing the Kinsa is actually even easier than the setup, if that’s even possible. Open the app, hit the large “Take Temperature” button and you’re off… literally 10-seconds later you have a reading. I really don’t think you could mess this up if you tried. The app itself will even tell you if the stick is not placed correctly, which is always the biggest worry for me when taking my kids temps — am I doing this right?3 Kinsa Collage

The best part (according to my 5-year-old) is the bubble popping “game” on the screen to keep the kids occupied during the reading. For parents, my favorite was that I could keep a family profile in my app, one for each member of the family. When it’s time to take a reading, I tap the persons name, take the temp, and it will keep the reading for me, along with symptom tracking and even guidance, just like when to go straight to the doctor. They’ve truly thought of everything.

And introducing…

If you’re an ear thermometer kind of gal, don’t think the great folks over at Kinsa had totally forgotten about you! Available starting today, Kinsa is launching a pre-sales campaign for the brand new Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer! The new ear thermometer will have all of the same great in-app features that the stick thermometer, will only need 1-second to take a reading, all while being completely wireless.

New Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer

Today only, you can buy the ear thermometer for up to 50% off, making it $30 instead of $60. For the rest of the month, you can purchase the ear thermometer for $40, with an option to buy value packs as gifts. This would be the perfect go-to baby shower gift! Stock up on a few Kinsa ear thermometers to have on-hand every time a friend has a baby!

Visit Kinsa on Indigogo to order yours.

Kinsa gives back

As a parent, there is nothing worse than hearing the flu is going around at your kids’ school, which is why Kinsa created their own philanthropy program. FLUency provides free Kinsa Smart Thermometers to all of the families in select schools nationwide. They have found that doing this helps to track and stop the spread of illness during flu season, reducing missed school days through early detection and awareness. Funds raised through their pre-sales campaign will go towards supporting the FLUency programs, which hopes to expand to 100 schools by this fall.

What do you think about this smart thermometer?

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