Use MedCircle for trusted online health information

Getting trusted health information on the internet

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As a parent, I always keep an eye out for trusted health information. We consistently go to our health care provider as our most trusted source of information. More and more parents — including us! — turn to the internet to research a particular concern. How could we not? In the middle of the night when your kids are sick, or when we want to know more about a particular illness or virus they have been diagnosed with, it’s right at the tip of our fingers. The issue is how to know whether or not the site has the best health information that can we can trust and understand.

Where to get trusted information

For me, I seek out information on MedCircle, a trusted, evidence-based site. Their portal provides the most up-to-date and best articles on every aspect of health. The website is easy to navigate. On the home page, you’ll find breaking news, information which I may not otherwise have heard of. I love the ease of finding health news on what interests me.

By clicking ‘get started’ you can personalize your experience. It takes you to an alphabetized index of all kinds of topics. Addison has asthma and while her doctor has been clear in telling us how the medications work, it was great to find an article from the Mayo Clinic on treating asthma in children.

Use MedCircle for trusted online health information

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Diagnosed heath concerns and preventative measures

Our doctor diagnosed Addison’s asthma, but our kids come home with all sorts of things. We want to know more about the coughs, sneezes and tummy aches. With back to school happening now, we know lice will be lurking in our children’s classrooms! You can be sure I read through some of the articles to learn more about lice. I also researched  companies that will remove it for us should we need it done!

Whether you are looking for information on your children, yourself or your parents, MedCircle offers health information you can trust anywhere, anytime!

Some of the photographs were taken by Ben Starkman of BGS Images

When do you search health information online?

Disclosure: MedCircle sponsored this post. All opinions, as always, are our own.

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