Luxe Winter Survival Guide and Giveaway

2016 Luxe Winter Survival Guide {Giveaway}

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Winter is in full swing across the country and while it’s definitely colder in some parts than others, I think we’re all feeling the winter blues right about now. To make the last weeks of winter a little bit more bright, cozy, soft and fun, I’ve gathered some favorite products into a luxe winter survival guide. These are the goodies that will keep you busy on days that getting out of the house is just not an option, keep your self-care on-point and I’ve even tucked a few sweet treats for those winter movies nights! And, with a luxury spin on all of these favorites, you’re going to turn your winter blues around in no time.

Luxe Winter Survival Guide and Giveaway

Luxe Winter Survival Guide: Everything you need to get through the last few weeks of winter


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1. Ditch the grocery store caramels

I had just finished a little treat of what I thought were some yummy caramels (from the grocery store, mind you!) when the caramels from Annie B’s arrived on my doorstep. I nearly fell on the floor when I tasted how creamy and smooth and soft these were! Handmade in copper pots for nearly 40-years, Annie B’s caramels come in a variety of flavors… although, we can’t resist the sea salt, if you must know.

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2. Speaking of caramels

If you prefer a little chocolate with your caramels, these are such a treat. The B.T McElrath Chocolatier Bites are the perfect size for when the only way to beat your winter funk is with something sweet and the Salted Butter Caramel Bites are so satisfying. I love that this brand isn’t afraid to produce chocolate flavor combinations that push the envelope — the results give a huge amount of taste in one little bite.

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3. Movie night gets an upgrade

There’s nothing I love more than a cozy movie night on a stormy winter evening… and when it comes to popcorn, our family is pretty picky. With five of us, there are evenings when everyone seems to want a different kind of popcorn, which is why KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn is a must-have for our winter movie nights. Order the Collection, which includes 18 2-cup bags of a variety of their signature flavors, or choose larger bags in just the flavors you know your family will love. Either way, this popcorn is a major winter movie night upgrade!

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4. Wine, obviously

A winter survival guide without wine? There’s just no way! The TRIbella Wine Areator has been a favorite of mine for a while now and is always my go-to pick for a special hostess gift or housewarming gift. But, in the winter, when survival can be as easy as popping a bottle of wine to make a chilly day a little bit warmer, there’s something special and luxurious about using my TRIbella to pour it. And, with its innovative triple-stream pour, even if you’re down to your last bottle of red, TRIbella will make it taste like it was your first pick all along.

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5. Keeping cozy and chic outside

For those days when you absolutely must venture out into the winter weather, this scarf and glove set from Little Giraffe is a must. Best known for their luxe baby blankets, this set will have you bundled up just as cozy and chic as your little one when you’re running errands or getting some fresh air this winter. Available in three soft colors and with gloves that are either traditional or finger-less, the set will have you braving even the worst of winter storms in style and comfort.

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6. Staying warm on kid-friendly winter adventures

Gloves on. Gloves off. Gloves back on again. There are times when all you seem to do is go round-and-round with your stroller… and your gloves, that is! The stroller mittens from 7 A.M. Enfant are truly revolutionary for parents who love to have adventures outdoors during the winter. Simply attach them to your stroller handlebar and leave them there. Now, you can help your little one without the fuss of getting your gloves on and off — they’ll be waiting on your handle, just where you left them!

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7. Have a little fun… inside

When it’s too stormy, wet, cold or snowy to head outside, the least you can do is have some fun inside! Beloved Seattle-based cupcake brand, Cupcake Royale, has the best at-home kits for making their signature cupcakes when the weather is keeping you in. With everything you’ll need to make a dozen cupcakes, including the tools and their to-die-for Buttercream Frosting, you can even transport the cupcakes to a play date in the handy box that the supplies come in!

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8. Maintain your winter favorites

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sweater girl. They get so much wear during the winter months and the last thing I want to do when the weather is bad is make a stop at the dry cleaners. The products from The Laundress are such a lifesaver. Created in formulas that are gentle on my clothes, without any harsh chemicals that will cause damage, I know I can trust even my most beloved winter sweaters to their care.

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9. Solve your winter skin problems

My skin goes crazy in winter — from eczema to dry hands to chapped cheeks, keeping it soft and pretty during the winter seems impossible without having dozens of products on hand. The most recently debuted product in our Luxe Winter Survival Guide is Doctor Rogers RESTORE. Comprised completely from plant-based ingredients — meaning it’s free of petroleum, parabens, preservatives and fragrances — this little jar is a lifesaver for when my skin get hit hard by winter weather. The best part? A little dab of RESTORE goes a long way without being greasy or slimy on my skin.

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10. Find a winter skin routine

Treating your skin well during winter should be a top priority. And, doing it with products that are simply amazing is a great place to start. The all-organic skincare collections from Sally B’s Skin Yummies offer a variety of products that will make your winter skin as luxe as possible. With products like their B Quenched Facial Oil that are a dream for dry skin in the winter months, you’ll find dozens of products to keep your skin happy and fresh, as well as yummy bath products and makeup, too.

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GIVEAWAY: Win everything in the guide

One reader will win all of the products in our Luxe Winter Survival Guide! (Over $500 value)

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter form below. You must be at least 18-years-old to enter and win. U.S. residents only. No PO boxes. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Winning entry will be verified. Giveaway ends Monday, February 29, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Winner will be contacted via email shortly after.

B.T. McElrath Chocolatier Bites, 28-Piece Gift Box, Winner’s choice of flavors ($18 value)
Annie B’s 10-Piece Caramel Bag, Winner’s choice of flavors ($5 value)
Cupcake Royale Cupcaking Kit ($44 value)
Doctor Rogers RESTORE Healing Balm ($30 value)
7 A.M. Enfant WarMMuffs 212, Winner’s choice of colors ($40 value)
KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn Collection ($79 value)
TRIbella Wine Areator ($40 value)
Sally B’s Skin Yummies Antioxidant Daytime Serum, Facial Cleanser & B Quenched Facial Oil ($131 value)
Little Giraffe Dolce Gloves and Scarf, Winner’s choice of colors ($73 value)
The Laundress The Pit Kit ($57 value)

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  1. Hello! You have 7,000+ entries so I am going to skip the raffle copter entries which would take an hour. I would love to have the winning comment as I have been stressed out and sick all winter, The latest was bronchitis, and my son told me he wants to live with his girlfriend at college next year….and next to, twenty feet away, from a cell phone radiation tower. Which is worse? Getting grandkids too early or not at all because everyone becomes sterile? Everything is out of my control I feel stressed….

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