5 Ways to Live More Beautifully!

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I live beautifully by saying YES.  I’ll say yes to almost anything.  I’m a yes person.  I want to experience all that life has to offer so I hardly turn down a chance to experience something new for the fear I might miss out on an exciting opportunity.  You just never know what saying yes could lead to.  I have a serious case for wanderlust, meeting new people, trying new things, eating different foods, experiencing different countries and cultures.  I also thrive on creating new ideas and thinking outside the box.  I can’t get enough of doing something different and trying new things.

Now, saying yes to everything can lead to a few small hiccups.  When I say yes to too many things I become stressed and tired.  So to live beautifully I have to say NO too.  Saying no is also how I live beautifully.  Saying no doesn’t have to be a negative, in fact saying no allows you to do the things you love.  It is the balance of priorities, setting goals, having limits and staying focused on what is important in your life that makes your life more enjoyable.  When I have a handle on my work, life, health, family and friends that is when I am living beautifully.

5  Savvy Sassy Tips for Living Beautifully

1.  Challenge yourself.  Get out of that comfort zone, do something unexpected.  Everyone has dreams or wants to accomplish something.  No matter how big or small – write it down, get focused and take action.  Nothing feels better than setting a goal, working hard towards something and then completing it.

2.  Be selfish.  That’s right, you should be your number one priority and don’t feel bad about it.  This is where saying no comes in handy.  You have to be a priority in your own life and you need to do things just for you.  Do things for your health, your mind, your body and your soul.

We only live once, no regrets.

3.  Do what you love.  Life is too short to wake up and hate what you do.  Passion and persistence is all you need to become successful at something.  Everyone has an interest, unique talent, a gift or knowledge about something.  Even if you don’t get to make a living doing what you love, you should still find ways to fulfill that passion.

4.  Think positive.  This is the ultimate to living a beautiful life – thinking positive and believing in the good will attract other positive things and people into your life.  Do not let negativity into your space and do not surround yourself with people that are negative.  (misery loves company)  Life can be hard, but if you think about the good times, focus on the positive and look toward the future, your life is bound to be more beautiful.

5.  Be helpful.  Everyone appreciates getting help and everyone needs a little help.  No one can live beautifully on their own, we all need support and help from our friends, peers, family or our community.  In order for you to live your fullest life, reach your goals and achieve something, you’ll need help.   And one day someone will ask for  your help.  What goes around comes around.

How do you live Beautifully?

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