Bellacures Launches an All-natural Mom-i-Cure

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The manicure and pedicure is the mom sanity-saver, sometimes you just have to stop what you’re doing and have a little ME time!  Getting a manicure and pedicure is one way to clear your head, relax and feel pretty again.  There is just something refreshing about coming out of a nail salon, you feel like you can take on the world again, or those screaming toddlers (same thing).

Now, what about new pregnant woman and new Moms holding their newborn babies?

Some question whether or not they should get a manicure or pedicure due to the chemicals found in nail polish, but good news!  BELLACURES, the high end nail salon frequented by celebrity moms including Jennifer Garner, Hillary Duff, Demi Moore and Alessandra Ambrosio, just announced the introduction of an organic manicure exclusively for expectant moms and anyone who chooses to live an organic lifestyle.

Although there is little evidence that the chemicals involved in manicures hold any danger to moms-to-be, many moms choose to play it safe and stay away from chemicals all together. Bellacures has taken a step forward to make those mom’s comfortable by introducing the first all organic manicure.

The Mom-i-cure includes:

  • No soap or foaming soaks or alcohol: In order to keep this service chemical free and clean, mani and pedi soaks will simply be hot water. Anything that will foam will include unwanted chemicals. No alcohol will be used to clean nails pre-polishing.
  • Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover: Soy based, non toxic, non carcinogenic remover free from any petroleum ingredients.
  • Karma Organic Cuticle Remover: Tea-tree based remover is free of toluene, formaldehyde and DBP.  Cuticle Oil: 100% Grape Seed Oil: All natural grape seed oil with antioxidants for strong and healthy looking skin.
  • Made From Earth Lavender Calm Lotion with Jojoba: The deep moisturizing benefits of Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Nut and Witch Hazel, are combined with calming organic lavender.
  • Sea Salt Exfoliant: This salt and grape seed oil mixture is mixed in-house with no harsh ingredients.
  • Ginger+Liz Base/Top Coat & Polish: The vegan friendly and toxin-free Ginger + Liz formula is fast drying, long lasting, chip-resistant and highly pigmented.

“We are always trying to ensure that our customers feel they are completely taken care of,” says Samira Asemanfar, Founder of Bellacures. “When I found out how many pregnant women were inquiring about the safety of manicures I decided to put together a package that would make them feel comfortable about their child’s wellbeing.”

Bellacures has eight Los Angeles locations, the prices are:

Mom-i-cure Manicure $40
Mom-i-cure Pedicure $45
Mom-i-cure Exfoliating Manicure $50
Mom-i-cure Exfoliating Pedicure $55

Last month I attended the grand opening of Bellacure in Pasadena and I have to say it was one of my prettiest manicures ever, look!

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